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The instant noodles industry has ushered in a second upgrade

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The instant noodles industry has ushered in a second upgrade

In the active adaptation of the market and passive survival of the fittest, instant noodles industry also ushered in the second upgrade.
In addition to launching more healthy and delicious new products and introducing new techniques on the fresh dough cakes and material bags, with the advent of the era of public praise, the convenience food industry represented by Master Kong is also carrying out marketing innovations to accurately enter the precise market.
In the past two years, Master Kong has taken advantage of the popularity of space IP to hold science popularization exhibitions nationwide, integrating knowledge of aerospace and space food into children's science popularization activities. In addition, in the marathon event, which is the most popular among outdoor enthusiasts, the instant noodle character is transformed from a humble supporting role into a perfect choice for quick energy replenishment, highlighting the attributes of sports and the outdoors.
Product innovation, technology innovation, marketing innovation, three - pronged, instant noodles industry ushered in the second industrial upgrading.
The Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology believes that at present, with Master Kong, Uni-President, Nisin, Nongxin as the representative, the high-end market competition situation has formed. It can be said that the recovery of instant noodles market is not a "consumption downgrade", but just a "consumption upgrade" and "industrial upgrade" in which enterprises adjust their product lines to adapt to the rise of the middle class and personalized demands. In this process, enterprises follow the trend of technological development and constantly carry out "product innovation" to become the internal driving force to promote growth.
After forty years of reform and opening up, the instant noodle industry has gone through a spiral of reincarnation. In the future, the pace of society will inevitably accelerate, and the convenient food market will also usher in a comprehensive and long-term prosperity.
From the traditional bagged noodles for food and clothing, to the barrel noodles for taste and convenience, to the locking fresh and self-heating technologies that meet the needs of umami and health at the same time today, convenience foods represented by Master Kong are re-occupying the mainstream consumer market and sitting firmly on the throne of "national food".
The changes of The Times have changed instant noodles, and the evolution of instant noodles has also pushed forward The Times. In a steaming bowl of instant noodles, China is changing continuously in the great era.