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Is there any preservative in instant noodles?

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Is there any preservative in instant noodles?

Now, instant noodles are not only serving as a family food concoction, but also, before the development of take-out food, providing a warm glow on a cold night for people working overtime, students, first-line rescue workers and disaster victims. In recent years, various marketing numbers flood, about the instant noodles of various rumors also gradually began to spread.

The most widespread rumor was that instant noodles contained large amounts of preservatives. For a time, friends joked with each other that if you ate more packets of instant noodles, you wouldn’t have to deal with them after you died.
Is that really what happened? There are, in fact, several problems:
1. The main content of instant noodles is flour cake + seasoning. The seasoning itself is high in salt, no preservatives are needed. The flour cake is fried and dehydrated, and the water content is very low, so even though the carbohydrate content is relatively large, also not conducive to the growth of microorganisms, look at our Vermicelli also know that dry Vermicelli, as long as properly preserved, is not easy to mold, so the cake does not need to add preservatives
2, preservatives also have cost, our country allows the use of a wide variety of preservatives, but add any unnecessary products are cost, merchants do not need to use, and even if used, must also be disclosed in the list of ingredients.

Therefore, as long as it is not to buy KANGSHUAIFU, TONGER such fake products, do not need to worry about the issue of preservatives.