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Docking consumption upgrade, convenient food pays more attention to real materials, authentic flavor, suitable for multiple scenarios

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instant noodle production line

Docking consumption upgrade, convenient food pays more attention to real materials, authentic flavor, suitable for multiple scenarios

Not long ago, when consumers saw the packaging of instant noodles "mushroom stewed chicken", "braised beef" and other attractive patterns, the hearts cannot help but say: these patterns, also "for reference only".

Now, with the addition of authentic ingredients, some convenience foods live up to their name.

The "Old Fan Cup noodles" series launched by Mailang combines the freeze-drying technology to restore the family delicacy with meatballs, shrimps and other hearty ingredients. Tianjin Chunxing Material Technology Group developed the "Thick gold soup paste" that can be enjoyed by hot water, which truly reproduces the original flavor of the chicken soup, allowing consumers to taste everything on the tip of their tongue from the outer packaging.

In addition to traditional instant noodles, there are also hand-rolled noodles made from instant noodles, chicken soup mixed with rice that can be carried with you, pastries that are ready to be Fried and eaten as soon as possible, chicken paste that can be eaten directly, snow pear soup that can be made for drinking... Ready-to-eat, boiled water heating, self-heating and other ways of eating, quick-frozen, refrigerated, room temperature storage and other ways of storage provide consumers with a variety of convenient food, the restaurant moved to the kitchen, so that every family can in a short time, labor saving situation can produce delicate delicious food.

Based on the principle that quicklime meets water to dissipate heat, various kinds of hot food, such as hot rice, hot noodles and hot pot, have emerged at the right moment and presented blowout growth since the outbreak of the epidemic. In addition to self-heating bag heating, boiling water, boiling water and other heating methods are not troublesome, basically can let consumers eat hot rice in 5 minutes.

Industry insiders point out that consumers have gone far beyond the mere need for food by buying and eating convenience foods. Digging from the fertile soil of traditional food and returning to the traditional flavor, more and more food is labeled "convenient" in front, which reflects the innovation of convenience food. "The whole convenience food is making a healthy transition from a price war to a value war." 'said Mengsuhe.