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Operation method of instant noodle production line equipment steaming machine

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  Operation method of instant noodle production line equipment steaming machine

  The operation requirements of the continuous noodle steaming machine in the instant noodle production line should be flexibly operated according to the basic principle of steaming noodles and the main factors affecting the effect of steaming noodles, so as to achieve "one look, two inspections, and three adjustments".

  Take a look: Always observe whether the noodles are "clamped" after being heated.

  Second check: Check whether the gelatinization degree of the steamed noodles meets the specified requirements.

  Three adjustments: Adjust the steam pressure, adjust the valve of the exhaust pipe, and adjust the density of the corrugations of the automatically formed dough block to meet the requirements of steamed noodles and quantitative cutting.

  The specific operation method of the continuous noodle steamer is as follows.

  ①Before starting the machine, check whether the conveying net is free from obstructions, check whether the steam pressure gauge and temperature gauge are sensitive and reliable, whether the butterfly valve of the exhaust pipe is flexibly adjusted, and whether the upper cover and the bottom tank are pressed tightly.

  ②Start the stepless speed changer of the conveying mesh belt to make the mesh belt idle for about 5 minutes. If there is no abnormal situation, it proves that the equipment can carry out continuous production.

  ③ Before the noodles enter the noodle steamer, the steam valve should be opened for preheating 5~10 minutes in advance, and the condensed water in the steam pipe should be drained. During the preheating process, the drive mesh belt is running, so that the dirt in the tank and the mesh belt can be cleaned. After preheating, the dough reaches the desired temperature when it enters the tank. When preheating, check whether the exhaust pipe is unobstructed.

  ④ During normal production, observe the temperature displayed by the thermometer installed above the noodle steamer, and adjust the steam valve to make the steam pressure meet the process requirements. The pressure of the pressure gauge is 0.07MPa, so that the temperature at the inlet end of the steam tank reaches 90~95℃, and the temperature at the outlet end reaches 100~105℃. If there is a decrease, at this time, the steam valve at the inlet end can be appropriately increased to increase the amount of steam and increase the temperature.

  ⑤After the steam valve of the noodle steamer is opened, it is strictly forbidden to open the upper cover.

  ⑥During the steaming process, it is necessary to continuously observe the gelatinization of the noodles, adjust the steam inlet valve and the steam exhaust butterfly valve, and adjust the steam pressure and flow, so that the noodles can reach the gelatinization degree required by the product quality after passing through the steaming tank.

  ⑦ Regularly check the heat preservation of the steam tank body. When closing the upper cover of the noodle steamer, do not close the operating handwheel too tightly to prevent steam leakage.

  ⑧ During the normal production process, it is strictly forbidden for the noodles to leave the mesh belt and enter the steaming tank.

  ⑨ The steaming mesh belt and transmission mesh chain should be kept clean and washed regularly. After each shift, put direct steam appropriately to rinse the mesh belt and the steam tank, and then introduce a tap water hose for washing, and rinse the mesh belt, tank body and internal broken surfaces.

  Dongfang Shangwu noodle steamer adopts vertical lifting water-sealed multi-layer noodle steaming machine, the whole upper cover lifting box, easy to clean, water-tight structure, no need to replace the sealing strip, and the newly designed pipeline arrangement makes the steaming effect. More uniform, the whole line can save energy up to 23%.