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Energy-saving methods in the production of stick dry noodles

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Energy consumption accounts for a large proportion in the production of stick dry noodles, which is the key to reducing the cost of stick dry noodles. It is particularly important to improve stick dry equipment. The steam boiler is changed to a hot water boiler. After the cold water is heated, it is forced to be sent to the drying room for heat dissipation and then returned to the boiler. The whole process is a closed cycle with no phase change. The waste heat after drying and heat dissipation can be directly brought back to the heating furnace, avoiding the heat loss of the steam boiler and reducing the coal consumption. At the same time, the temperature of the hot water is easy to control, which is beneficial to ensure the stability of the temperature and humidity in the drying tunnel, and the hot water boiler works under normal pressure.

Improving the drying room structure is also an aspect of energy saving. The heat loss of the drying room itself is often not noticed by people. If it is not handled properly, a large amount of heat in the drying tunnel will go out. In summer, the high temperature of the entire noodle production workshop will affect the health of workers. In winter, it will cause condensation and affect the workshop. normal production.

Improving the drying process can also significantly improve energy savings. There are 3 ways to improve the drying process: 1. The method of controlling the temperature of the drying room is adopted to achieve the purpose of controlling the evaporation rate of the moisture in the noodles and prevent the noodles from forming prematurely. 2. The wind is the main factor, and the heat is the secondary factor, and the air flow direction is adjusted to make the noodles evenly dehydrated. 3. Adjust the process layout so that the dried noodles can be slowed down in the drying room.

The DONGFANG NAOMU stick dry noodle production line removes excess water from the wet noodles after hanging through multiple zones during automatic operation. The temperature and humidity of the drying sys.

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