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Noodle processing machinery and equipment

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Noodle processing machinery and equipment is divided into many types, according to the production of products, can be divided into fresh noodle equipment, stick noodle equipment, instant noodle equipment, semi-dried noodle equipment, boiled noodle equipment and so on. The company's predecessor was founded in 1975, has a history of over forty years. In 2000, the company formed a joint venture company, namely Zhengzhou Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd, with our Japanese partner. Specializing in the research and development, design, production of integrated noodle product mechanical production line such as instant noodle production line equipment, fresh noodle production line equipment, stick noodle production line equipment and so on, annual output of instant noodle production line equipment, fresh noodle production line equipment, stick noodle production line equipment and other noodle machinery and equipment hundreds of sets. At present, there are hundreds of employees and more than 40 designers, most of whom are senior engineers. One of them enjoys the allowance of the State Council of China. Devoted to the research and manufacturing of instant noodle, non-fried noodle, stick noodle, fresh noodle, semi-dried noodle, boiled noodle and Udon noodle machinery, we have established long-term strategic cooperation with China's large-scale noodle enterprises represented by Master Kong, Uni-President, Nongshim, Baixiang, Gofar, Jinfeng, Jinshahe, Kemen, Boda, Shuangyu, Hualong, Luwang, Ruonan, Jinjian, etc, and have gained win-win; Our equipment has been praised by the noodle enterprises; Products have been exported to Germany, Japan, Russia, Singapore, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Central Asia and other more than 40 countries and regions. DONGFANG NAOMU pays attention to product quality, service tens of millions of noodle enterprises, choose us, lifetime quality assurance service.