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Classification of flour conveying equipment in instant noodle production lines

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  When arranging the equipment of the instant noodle production line, in order to ensure the continuous production from kneading, ripening to tablet pressing, the kneading machine is generally arranged at a relatively high position, so that the blended dough directly falls into the ripening machine with its potential energy, and the matured dough falls into the compound rolling machine with its potential energy. This arrangement determines the higher position of the kneading machine, so the problem of flour lifting should be considered. The commonly used lifting equipment in instant noodle production currently includes pneumatic conveying equipment and vertical screw conveyors.

  1、 Pneumatic conveying

  The use of a fan (or other air source) to create a certain speed of airflow in the pipeline, achieving the transportation of loose materials from one place to another along a certain pipeline, is called pneumatic transportation. Pneumatic conveying devices can be divided into two categories: suspension conveying and push conveying. Currently, in the transportation of flour, the most commonly used form is to make loose materials in a suspended state. The pneumatic conveying device mainly consists of feeders, receivers, conveying pipes, unloaders, air closers, dust collectors, and ventilators.

  2、 Vertical screw conveyor

  Vertical screw conveyor is suitable for conveying powder and granular materials, such as grain, feed, chemical raw materials, cement, sand, coal powder, etc. Vertical screw conveyor is a closed conveying device that can prevent air pollution, improve labor conditions, and achieve safe operation when transporting dusty, toxic, explosive, and high-temperature materials. Vertical conveyors are not suitable for conveying block and viscous materials.

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