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Instant noodles have not disappeared, and instant noodles market has emerged as a new main force

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When the train accelerates, there are few carriages filled with the fragrance of instant noodles from then on. When delivery orders swept through university dormitories and office spaces of all sizes. Accompanying witnessed the instant noodles in our life, which never occurred to us. Many people shouted that instant noodles had no place to stand.

But in fact, human nature will never change, and the lazy economy that pursues convenience and convenience has always been a trend.

The instant noodles market is accompanied by iterative product innovation, and the demand is increasing instead of decreasing! According to the survey report, the total demand for instant noodles in the Chinese market in 2019 is 41.45 billion, reaching a five-year high. Among many foods, instant noodles are still the first choice of consumers for emergency storage, and everyone likes the "fast food" delicious food.

The reason why high-end instant noodles have become the new main force is that with the improvement of people's living standards, the obesity problem caused by unhealthy eating habits, excessive intake of high calorie, high-fat food, and substandard exercise volume has attracted more and more attention. Health and nutrition balance have become the top priority. When the market demands, more and more healthy high-end instant noodles products are more and more popular with consumers.

First, there are vermicelli, noodles, vegetables, eggs, series and pig bone Lamian Noodles with rich ingredients, dried white sesame, scallion, seaweed, pig bone soup, Grilled pork, and other nutritious ingredients. Attracted the love of countless consumers.

We, Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., have a complete R&D process of instant noodles production line, and supply equipment to many large food enterprises at home and abroad. We can create good products and equipment that meet customers' needs according to the size and weight requirements of different pieces of noodles, and wholeheartedly provide complete system services and professional technical support for new and old customers.