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Key points of operation of instant noodle production line aging machine

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       During the operation of the instant noodle production line equipment, there are several key points regarding the operation of the aging machine

  Firstly, check if there is any odor in the mixing tank, if the dough adhering to the mixer has been thoroughly removed, and close the discharge door tightly.

  Carry out the no-load operation test before starting to check whether all components are normal. Mainly check if the limit switch on the safety cover is malfunctioning. If it is malfunctioning, it should be repaired immediately and can only be used after repair.

  After the empty car running test indicates normal operation, put dough from the dough mixer. The material shall be mixed in the curing machine for more than 10min before the discharge door can be opened to feed the compound Tablet press.

  After the discharge door is properly adjusted, in order to ensure uniform feeding, the ring head screws should be tightened and positioned to prevent the discharge door from loosening due to mechanical vibration during operation and changing the feeding balance.

  When the dough in the basin is not completely discharged, do not stop halfway. Otherwise, after stopping the mixing, the dough will clump and the resistance will be too high, making it difficult for the curing machine to start again. In severe cases, excessive starting load may damage the motor. When it is necessary to stop midway, the dough inside the machine must be unloaded thoroughly, the fault must be eliminated before starting, and then the dough taken out must be placed in the ripening machine.

  When the discharge port is blocked and it is necessary to reach into the curing machine with hands or tools to remove the blockage, the safety cover must be opened and the malfunction can only be resolved by hand after the mixer has completely stopped rotating.

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