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A healthy way to eat instant noodles

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A healthy way to eat instant noodles
1. Cook as much as you can. The home cloth experiment found that it was harder for the human body to digest instant noodles than fresh noodles, which was related to the added chemicals. Therefore, it is suggested that instant noodles should be cooked as far as possible. Cooked noodles are easier to absorb water and are good for digestion.
2. Pour away the water from the first instant noodles. Experts said that if you are worried about too much oil in the dough, you can first soak it in hot water and then pour the water away.
3. Half the sauce. If you add all the seasoning packages of instant noodles to one bag of noodles, it is easy to have excessive salt content. Chen xiafei pointed out that a package of flour cooking, in addition to the best vegetable package, all sauce package, powder package most half, can put less on less.
4. Serve with vegetables and eggs. The expert says, the protein in instant noodles, vitamin content is less, when eating, can add some vegetable, wait like spinach, tomato, add egg or bean product again, nutrition is comprehensive.
5. Sausage is not a good partner. I do not know when, ham sausage became a good partner of instant noodles. But beware, this combination is worse for your health. Both are high in salt and oil, and when eaten together, the body can seriously overdose on salt. Frequent consumption can lead to colds, increased blood pressure, and accelerated bone calcium loss.
6. Foods that increase protein: boiled eggs, poached eggs; Tofu, all kinds of dried bean curd (do not buy that very salty dried bean curd snacks, in the refrigerator of the bean products area to choose a dry, white, etc.).
7. Increase vitamin C and antioxidant content of the food: tomato, lettuce, cucumber, lettuce and other vegetables can be eaten raw; All kinds of fruit.
8. Foods for calcium and protein: dairy products (yogurt, hot milk).
9. Foods that increase minerals and dietary fiber: nuts and dried fruits.
Example of a healthy meal of instant noodles:
Instant noodles half packet, seasoning 1/3 bag, into hot noodle soup;
Lettuce leaves, shredded in noodle soup; 1 tomato, sliced for cold dishes;
1 hard-boiled egg, shelled and cut in half, put in noodle soup;
Drink a cup of warm to room temperature yoghurt again after meal, had better add meal again a fruit.
Such a meal is not difficult to prepare, but it is much more comfortable to eat than just a packet of instant noodles. The nutritional value can be greatly improved, and the taste is quite satisfying.
In fact, the instant noodle industry has done a lot of health-related research, such as making non-fried instant noodles, making multigrain instant noodles, such as adding vitamins to the packet, soluble dietary fiber to the dough, etc., which is all good. Considering the needs of different consumers, we can also consider introducing some low-salt instant noodles without meat flavor.