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Hand-made noodles: local flavor of Changping township, Shangli county

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Hand-made noodles: local flavor of Changping township, Shangli county 
Speaking of Shangli county Changping township characteristic cuisine, hand-made noodles in Changping is a household name. The hand-made noodles in Changping township are delicate and tough with good taste and high nutritional value.
Every year after the eighth lunar month, when the sun is high, silken noodles will be hung from the roof of the public houses where noodles are processed
Villagers are exposed to the light and flowing lines of the sun, forming a unique landscape.
Due to the influence of air temperature and humidity, hand-made noodles have strong seasonality. The best production time is in winter, that is, from October of the first year to march of the second year, about 5 months. When it comes to rainy and foggy days, it will stop work.
Hand processing before and after hanging noodles to go through more than a dozen processes: from the first day, will grind noodles, and noodles, fermentation, to the next morning at 3 o 'clock up rub, coil, chopsticks above, hanging noodles, ramen, sun, fold.
The biggest difference between Changping noodles and other noodles is that the dough is mixed with salt. The function of salt is to make the noodles more ductile and easy to stretch, which is also the most crucial link in making the noodles. Before production, add salt flour and into a group, with a knife cut into strips, rub fine with the hands, both sides of the bamboo chopsticks or stick, gently pull down with the hand, the noodles will be from coarse to fine, until pulled to 2 meters long, the noodles of moderate thickness, can be dried. After drying on the board, with scissors cut into finished noodles.
At present, Changping village and Xinhui village are the main places where hand-made noodles are made. As a result of changping noodles delicate cotton solid, often have outsiders come to buy, favored by diners, become Changping surrounding areas of a popular characteristic products.