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When cooking instant noodles, do you put the seasoning packet first or put the noodles first?

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When cooking instant noodles, do you put the seasoning packet first or put the noodles first?
Weekday office workers working overtime too busy, no time to cook, in addition to a little take-away, presumably eat up is the instant noodles. Some people are directly open bucket boiling blisters, in fact, this method is the most harmful, instant noodles belong to fried food, with boiling blisters oil is too thick, eat more easily fat hair loss. In fact, if you can change the way, instant noodles can also eat very healthy nutrition, which cooking instant noodles is suitable for a good way, this method although everyone will, but we may not be clear, in the end is the first to put the seasoning or put the noodles? A lot of people are in the wrong order, here to share the right way to make sure that the taste especially delicious!
Every time we are in the instant noodles, the normal order is to put the seasoning directly on the bread, then pour into boiling water covered with packaging, after three minutes to eat. But boiling instant noodles is just a change of method, many people will generally boil the pot of water, and then put into the cake, and finally into the seasoning cooked food. Use this method to cook instant noodles, in fact, the taste is not so good, or even a piece of noodles taste some fat Tuo.
The right way is to first pot of boiling water, and then into the instant noodles, boiling for thirty seconds, the water will be poured out of the pot, at the same time the instant noodles sheng out. This can remove the cake too much oil, and then the pot into the boil, and then into the seasoning packet and sauce packet, and so on seasoning and water mix, and then the instant noodles into the boil, do not need to live too long, about two minutes can be filled out. In fact, this principle and stir-fry is the same, in advance into the material package, can make instant noodles more flavor.
But the above is the most quick and convenient boiled noodles, if conditions and time permits, we can also do an upgraded version of boiled noodles. Prepare eggs, Ham, green vegetables and other side dishes. Heat up the WOK with oil, add the garlic and scallions, then fry the eggs, then add the ham, add some warm water in the WOK, finally pour in the seasoning packet, add the instant noodles and cook for three minutes, finally add the vegetables and cook for half a minute.