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The color is whiter, the stick noodles is better, with more nutrition?

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The color is whiter, the stick noodles is better, with more nutrition?
Stick noodles is the staple food that a lot of people like to eat, especially to do not cook gens at ordinary times, eat the hang noodles that saves some trouble, not only cook time is short good operation, still nutrition value is high. In daily life, also often can hear "more the stick noodles of chewy, more nutrition and flavour is better?", "the whiter the color of the noodles, the better, the more nutritious" and so on.
Talk with everybody about the stick noodles that become more chewy first, whether more nutrition flavour is better. Whether making noodles at home, stick noodles, or eating sliced noodles outside, people often like to eat the staple food of chewy and taste.
From this point of view, whether or not the dough, elastic, and indeed the protein in the flour. The higher the protein content in the flour, the more elastic also means that the dough, edible lubrication, not easy to break.
Add all sorts of stick noodles that sell on the market again, the reason that protect date time is long, among them still can join food additive, indispensable still have sodium, it can help hang noodles lock moisture, extend protect date.
Also, sodium helps the protein in the dough better lock in the water, and the higher the sodium content, the better the texture. Look from the quantity of heat of average stick noodles, every 100 grams stick noodles has 353 kilocalorie quantity of heat, 184.5mg sodium, belong to high-calorie high-sodium staple food.
In addition, in addition to the flour protein, sodium can make hanging dough, some stick noodles will add sodium carbonate to make the noodles taste good. High sodium intake tends to increase blood pressure, blood viscosity and other risks, is a risk factor for hypertension, gastroenteritis, kidney disease.
We should pay attention to check when buying, do not be confused by the phenomenon of the surface of the noodles, once in a while also want to choose low sodium and low carbohydrate noodles as far as possible, avoid to the health of the body to bring unnecessary trouble.
See again the color is whiter stick noodles is better, more have the view of nutrition. With the improvement of material life, people are increasingly pursuing the taste of food, especially the white rice, steamed buns and noodles we eat every day are made of fine flour and rice.
Its color is very white, also can arouse the appetite of people, but the flour with yellow color is bad? In fact, the flour itself is yellow color, and you see very white flour is not necessarily a good flour, one is high in calories and low nutrition, the second is probably the result of oxidant treatment.
Therefore, we do not need to pay attention to the color of stick noodles, if you want to know the nutritional value of stick noodles, can be learned from the list of ingredients. For the so-called roughage noodles, you can look at the ingredients to add roughage, if very low do not buy, the safest practice or their own production.
Add the whole grain flour, and then put in the right amount of white rice flour, the final taste will not be too bad.