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There are many varieties of instant noodles. In the form of packaging, there are bagged noodles and cup noodles; from the taste, there are soy sauce, salt, spicy, flavor and wind; in the manufacturing method, there are fried and non-fried. The instant noodle making process is as follows. First, 33% water is added to the flour, and the dough is well-finished by a dough mixer, and then the dough is placed in a calender to be pressed into a dough piece, and then cut into noodles by a cutter. The cut noodles are sent to the digester via a conveyor belt, cooked for 1-2 minutes, and then subjected to a taste treatment. There are two kinds of odor treatment: one is the immersion method, and the other is the spray method. The noodles after the taste are cut into sections and divided into portions, and the non-fried instant noodles are directly dried by hot air at 95 ° C. The fried instant noodle production line also needs to be fried at 130 to 150 ° C. After the fried instant noodles, the tissue is porous, and its taste is better than that of hot air drying instant noodles.