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Henan Oriental Group Oriental Shangwu Mixed grain noodle production line

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Since the advent of the multi-grain noodle production line developed by Henan Oriental Group Sino-Japanese joint venture Zhengzhou Dongfang Shangwu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., it has been well received by experts and people inside and outside the industry. It has been promoted rapidly at home and abroad, which not only produced good economic benefits, but also produced a wide range of Social benefits. Its social benefits are mainly reflected in three aspects.

First, the world's food machinery manufacturing field on the big stage to show the Chinese style.

The Henan Oriental Group's Oriental Shangwu miscellaneous grain noodle production line is the key project of the national “Eleventh Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Program. The extrusion non-expansion technology fills the gap in the field of Chinese noodle processing technology and changes the traditional calcined frying process introduced from Japan. The display of the new vitality of the extrusion technology from puffing to non-expansion has realized the display of new life in the instant noodle industry from the traditional production of calendering and frying to the extrusion and non-fried process. It not only avoids the complexity of the production process, but also avoids the formation of frying harmful substances. This line is suitable for the production of non-fried wheat instant noodles, as well as non-fried corn, buckwheat and other non-fried instant noodles. This is unprecedented. It is the crystallization of China's independent innovation and original innovation. The completion of this scientific and technological achievement has realized the transformation of China's grain deep processing equipment from independent innovation to the world's export to foreign countries, thereby improving the international status and influence of China's food machinery manufacturing industry and food machinery manufacturers, and shaping new ones. The new image of China's food machinery manufacturing industry and food machinery manufacturers has won honor and pride for the Chinese, and its social significance will be very far-reaching.

Second, medical and food homology to improve the health of Chinese people.

The report on the changes in nutrition, nutrition and nutritional status of residents in China for the first time shows that Chinese people's diet has entered a “chronic disease period”. According to the 2002 China Nutrition and Health Survey, the adult overweight rate is 22.8%, and the obesity rate is 7.1%, which is equivalent to more than 200 million overweight people and more than 60 million obese people in the country. The number of hypertensive patients has reached 160 million. The number of patients is 23.8 million, and the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has reached about 15% of the total population, that is, nearly 200 million people. These so-called "rich diseases" related to overnutrition and nutritional imbalances will seriously affect the physical quality of our people, increase the burden of disease, and increase the consumption of national health resources. Experts estimate that the annual treatment cost of diabetics in China is about 4,000 yuan; according to the current treatment costs and annual growth rate of chronic diseases, this year, the treatment cost of chronic diseases in China will be as high as 588 billion yuan. Such a huge cost burden will put a heavy pressure on macroeconomic development. Miscellaneous grains have a special role in the homology of medicine and food, and are the food on which humans depend. Non-fried corn instant noodles produced by Henan Oriental Group's Oriental Shangwu multi-grain noodle production line have the functions of lowering serum cholesterol, preventing hypertension, coronary atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, etc. Non-fried buckwheat is convenient for face diabetes and can lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Blood lipids, anti-ischemic and dilated blood vessels, maintain capillary resistance, enhance coronary blood flow, etc.; non-fried barley, oatmeal and other instant noodles are "scavengers" in the human body. Therefore, eat more non-fried miscellaneous grains instant noodles, good for health.

Third, to increase farmers' incomes and open up new avenues for the economic development of miscellaneous grains.

China is the world's largest producer and exporter of miscellaneous grains. It has great resource advantages, geographical advantages and cultivation advantages. Corn is called “golden food” in the world, and buckwheat is a hot commodity on the international market. The miscellaneous grain has a long history of planting and rich variety of resources, mainly distributed in ethnic minority areas with economic underdevelopment, border areas, poverty-stricken areas and revolutionary old areas, without pollution, good nutritional value and health care functions. The production line of miscellaneous grains has realized the transformation of agricultural products from primary processing to intensive processing, to the deep processing of miscellaneous grains and special products, and created a huge industrial chain for the development of miscellaneous grains. At the same time, it has arranged surplus labor and promoted transportation. , packaging, warehousing and other related industries flourish. The line has a wide range of applications. The local agriculture, especially in remote mountainous areas, can use local grain resources according to local conditions, actively develop the deep processing industry of agricultural products with obvious advantages, and gradually form special agricultural product processing areas, thereby increasing farmers' income. Promote the development of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture and accelerate the pace of agricultural industrialization. The production line of miscellaneous grains noodles has stimulated the value of miscellaneous grains, providing new opportunities for China's miscellaneous grains to expand into the international market and increasing export earnings. It has created conditions for the main grain producing areas to play an advantage, and will also play a vital role in improving the economic benefits of noodle enterprises. effect.

In summary, the Oriental Shangwu new generation of noodles noodles production line is a good project with excellent social benefits. It has won the “Recommended Products”, Technology and Product Innovation Awards, and the National Science and Technology Second Prize of the China Food Science and Technology Society. Foreigners are called a rising star in the 21st century.

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