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The origin of instant noodles

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For many people, instant noodles are by no means a rarity. Open the plastic packaging, soak the hot water, and then add the seasoning according to your own taste... Within five minutes, the meal is finished, which is in line with the simple, convenient and fast-paced life requirements of modern people.

It is no wonder that instant noodles are known as "one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century." Its creator, the founder of Nissin Food Group, Mr. Ando Baifu, also has a very high position in the food industry in Japan and the world.

Even with the continuous innovation and development of the production process, instant noodles are not only a snack in modern life, but also represent a country's dietary characteristics and living habits. Take a look at the list of the most delicious instant noodles that are released every year. The excellent production, unique ingredients, and the taste of the gluten are enough to make every “food” drool...

Longevity Tip: Eat a bowl of chicken instant noodles every day

More than 50 years ago, after the defeat, Japan was in a depression. A middle-aged man named Ando Baifu passed a ramen stand and saw a group of people in the cold wind in order to eat a bowl of hot ramen. It was frozen and shivering. When I got home, Ando’s heart was not a taste. He thought: Can you invent a ramen so that people can eat it in the hot water of home?

Ando closed the door and studied it. After countless failures, he was inspired by his wife’s fried tempura (a kind of Japanese fried food) and found that the noodles dried quickly after being fried, and the hot water was again Can quickly restore the taste of the muscles. .

With this "instant hot oil drying method", Ando Baifu invented the world's first bowl of instant noodles - chicken ramen in 1958. At that time, a chicken ramen was expensive, 35 yen, and a udon noodles was 6 yen. Despite this, chicken ramen has caused a sensation in Japan, and people have come to find out where to buy this "magic ramen." Instant noodle equipment.

  The origin

By inventing the instant noodles, Ando founded the famous Nissin Food Co., Ltd. Later, considering that Europeans and Americans did not use tableware, he tried to sell the cakes in paper cups, so there is a convenient cup noodle.

Later, Nisshin's space instant noodles, which can be eaten in a gravity-free environment, followed the Japanese astronaut Noguchi Satoshi on the US space shuttle Discovery to become aerospace food.

Now, if you want to know how the instant noodles are in Japan, check out the instant noodle museum in Yokohama. The museum officially opened its doors in 2011. At that time, it attracted many political and business celebrities including former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to congratulate... The importance of instant noodles for the Japanese is evident. Instant noodle production line

In the instant noodle museum, visitors can not only understand the process of instant noodles invented by Ando, ​​but also the production process of modern instant noodles, as well as the history and characteristics of Japanese instant noodle culture. In addition, visitors can choose from 12 ingredients in the interactive session to create a unique instant noodle with their own taste.

In the eyes of many people, instant noodles are fried foods and even junk food, which is not good for your health. But in Japan, instant noodles are well-deserved "national food", and many instant noodle manufacturers are also working hard to reduce oil, reduce salt and increase vegetables. Father Ando lived 96 years old. In his own words, the secret of longevity is to play golf once a week, eat a bowl of chicken instant noodles every day... instant noodle equipment

When eating instant noodles becomes a habit

The "homeland" of instant noodles is Japan, but it is highly sought after in many countries. According to statistics, the number of instant noodle cakes sold worldwide is over 100 billion. China, Indonesia and Japan rank among the top three in the “ instant noodles consumer countries”.

However, in this list, China ranks first, mainly due to its large population base. The Chinese have always advocated the food culture. The cooking is about color and flavor. With the improvement of national strength and the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, instant noodles seem to be more and more "waiting to see". Instant noodle production line

It can be seen that the true instant noodle culture is the country with the largest number of instant noodles per person. At present, in Asia, the country with the most instant noodles per person is South Korea, which can reach more than 70 packs. Even the instant noodles of the “homeland” Japan are hard to find.

In South Korea, instant noodles are called “ramen noodles” and are an indispensable “stock” for every household. For a long time, the Chinese have paid attention to the diet, "to eat enough for breakfast, to eat well at lunch, and to eat less for dinner." However, for Koreans, this healthy eating route is difficult to understand. Their eating patterns are often: eat no breakfast, eat less at lunch, and have a great dinner. In addition, many Koreans are "night owls", and a bowl of steaming instant noodles is undoubtedly the best choice for the nightingale. Instant noodle equipment

However, in the United States on the other side of the ocean, instant noodles have changed a "face." Most instant noodles in American supermarkets are small cups and have a small capacity. This is because many Americans do not take instant noodles as a meal, but as a snack in their spare time. Instant noodle production line

Mexico, which is adjacent to the United States, is also a country that loves instant noodles. Although Mexican cuisine is also well-known in the world, Mexicans are naturally optimistic and casual. Usually, three meals a day are basically “full,” and they don’t pay much attention to nutrition. In the Mexican supermarket, instant noodles of all tastes, chicken flavor, beef flavor, fresh shrimp flavor, curry flavor ... are Mexican favorites. Mexicans like to cook instant noodles in a pot, add meat, eggs, etc., together with the local special tortillas and chili sauce, this meal will be able to eat enough.

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