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The main supporting equipment for infant noodle and butterfly noodle production lines

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        In recent years, the nutritional and health status of children has received widespread attention from the whole society, as children are in the period of growth and development and require sufficient and comprehensive nutritional supplementation. Noodles, which are a high nutrient density and easily absorbed food, have emerged as a nutritional supplement specifically for children.

  Children's noodles are a staple food for infants, young children, and young children. They are mainly made from wheat flour, supplemented with selective ingredients such as vegetables, eggs, meat, and fish. At the same time, they contain essential nutrients such as vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B12, and zinc glycine for growth and development. They are suitable for people aged 6 months and above to consume. Various colored vegetable and fruit juices can be used instead of water to add to the dough, presenting different colors and making the finished product colorful. It can also be made into various shapes such as butterflies, shells, and spirals, thereby increasing the appetite of infants.

  The main supporting equipment of our Zhengzhou Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. infant noodle and butterfly noodle production lines during the production process is the powder spreading and rolling conveyor, which rolls the rolled dough onto the rolling roller through a conveyor belt. The swinging split conveyor swings the cut noodles left and right, evenly spreading them onto the mesh belt of the dryer. The non-toxic rubber conveyor belt transports the formed butterfly noodles to the dryer. Then, through a customized drying transmission system for butterfly noodles, the butterfly noodles or noodles are uniformly dried into finished products through multiple layers of zones, and are produced in segments. Each layer has a separate power control and adjustable speed.

          Zhengzhou Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., not only provide equipment, but also provide a complete set of solutions, from initial consultation to solution design, on-site visits, and subsequent design, production, energy conservation, and usage experience services.