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Operation method of oil fryer for instant noodle production line equipment

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1. It is necessary to first understand the structure, performance, process flow, and operating procedures of the entire equipment of the instant noodle production line fryer. Before starting up, first open the distribution box and check whether all control switches are normal.

2. After opening the main steam pipeline valve, turn on the electric control valve switch to allow steam to enter the heater for preheating (this process should be carried out slowly). Open the bypass switch of the exhaust valve, release the condensed water in the heat exchanger to avoid affecting the efficiency of the heater, then close the bypass valve and gradually adjust the steam pressure to 0 6~0 7MPa.

3. Open the valve to allow the oil from the storage tank to enter the oil pot through the heater. When the oil level in the oil pot reaches the process requirements, close the valve. The oil in the oil pot is circulated through the entire circuit through the pressure of the pump. When the oil temperature gradually rises to around 40 ℃, the next step can be taken.

4.When adding oil to the oil pan, in order to prevent the finished dough from becoming rancid, it is necessary to master the ratio of new and old oil to ensure that certain physical and chemical indicators of the product meet the standard requirements. Turn on the oil pan transmission button, let the oil pan idle, and observe for any abnormal noises.

5. In normal production, it is necessary to strictly control the oil temperature and temperature difference in each temperature zone. If there is an abnormal temperature difference, the flow rate of each oil inlet should be adjusted in a timely manner. Adjust the transmission speed at any time to adjust the frying time according to the product's moisture and temperature requirements.

6.During the production process, the surface residue, oil stains, etc. in the filter should be cleaned at any time to ensure the cleanliness of the grease. To prevent oil pollution and spoilage during production.

7.As production progresses, due to the absorption of oil by the dough, the amount of oil in the pot will gradually decrease, and the oil level will gradually decrease. In order to maintain the oil level in the oil pot, it is necessary to add new oil. The valve can be opened to control the flow rate and replenish the loss of oil.

8.After the work is completed, all the oil in the oil pot, oil pipe, and heat exchanger should be pumped back to the oil depot or transfer oil tank to prevent the oil temperature from dropping and turning into solid, which will affect the production after work. At this point, open the valve, close another valve to pump all the oil back to the oil depot or transfer box, close the circulating oil pump and valve to cut off the power and steam of the electric control valve, and finally reset all valves to the closed state.

Dongfang Naomu is not only improving the equipment and technology of the instant noodle production line, but also upgrading and innovating the equipment for researching new types of noodle food. Enable our customers to produce diverse noodle products. In addition, improving the flexibility of equipment and the connectivity of production lines allows for dynamic combination of production lines between equipment, reducing investment costs for production enterprises and shortening production cycles.