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Spring breeze of reform will make the noodle industry usher in another spring

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Spring breeze of reform will make the noodle industry usher in another spring


Lasted long standing and well established Chinese civilization, extensive and profound Chinese culture of any nation culture in a certain sense, is a kind of food culture, a comprehensive understanding of the food culture of a nation, in a certain sense, to understand the history of this ethnic Chinese diet culture is an important part of Chinese culture, culture of grain is the Chinese diet culture a brilliant pearl in the crown of rough development of the Chinese civilization for thousands of years, and now again a rise time, ushered in the diet culture naturally a brilliant spring.


China is home to noodles, has four thousand years history, stick noodle began in the tang dynasty in yuan and Ming dynasty, large-scale industrial production stick noodle is in recent decades to realize large-scale industrialized production technology scientific nutrition product quality safe sensory index is close to traditional products, has the strong shelf life is the traditional food industry, such as the words of the production, the main there is no doubt that stick noodle is successful example for the traditional staple food industrial production at present, China's industrial production stick noodle to produce millions of tons, has become China's first major staple food instant noodles.


Innovation is the ladder of human progress forever, stick noodle's experience in one thousand while retaining the main benefit from politics, economy, culture, together with the different periods of and innovation in the modern era, China is in peaceful rise will have political and economic culture such as science and technology innovation, stick noodle is not only the needs of the development of enterprise innovation, also is the need of survival.


Using natural raw materials to improve product performance perfect nutrition processing and circulation process managers to improve scientific literacy and cultural quality of the individual, not only to master modern food science knowledge and scientific results recently, to know more about the development history of diet culture, familiar with consumer sensory requirements for noodles, so as to develop nutrition security and manufacture new stick noodle products are very popular with consumers.


A successful noodle entrepreneur is far from enough only to master scientific knowledge, but also must have a good moral cultivation, in some aspects, perhaps the entrepreneur's moral cultivation is more important than scientific literacy, only in this way can develop quality safety stick noodle new products make the enterprise always invincibility.


With the rapid development of the noodle industry in recent decades, a number of entrepreneurs in this field have emerged, who understand science, culture and have good personal qualities. What is most rare is that the competition between different enterprises is benign, which is very valuable and lays a good foundation for the development of stick noodle.


Due to the recent transformation of the national economy, coupled with the rapid development of the stick noodle industry in the past few years, the stick noodle industry has entered a period of adjustment in the past two years, many enterprises are difficult to operate, but with the improvement of the national economy, the spring breeze of reform, will make the noodle industry usher in another spring.