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None of those characteristics of junk food fit with instant noodles

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None of those characteristics of junk food fit with instant noodles

The progress of food is an important thread in the history of human development. As the saying goes, food is the first necessity for people. All the while, people enjoy the convenience of instant noodles while complaining about their junk food properties! But the latest research is giving instant noodles a name. Stop calling it "junk food"! The characteristics of junk food, instant noodles do not fit!

If instant noodles are "junk food", do they provide a single nutrient? What are nutrients? Nutrient is the nutrient substance that maintains human body normal life activity to need! According to the known research results, the human body needs six major nutrients for normal life activities, including protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water! The convenience block and the preparation package already contain six major nutrients required by the human body. Compared with the single nutrient provided by junk food, nutrition is relatively comprehensive. So, can't so simple call instant noodles "junk food"!

Is it true to say that instant noodles are "junk food" in other ways? Junk food, for example, is usually high in calories and contains many additives! According to "national food safety standards" regulations, there are 25 kinds of additives allowed to be added in the instant noodles, but in reality, no manufacturers will be stupid to add 25 kinds of additives traversal! Both increase the cost, and did not increase the flavor of instant noodles! And it is decided by the composition and making process of the instant noodles, there is no need to add preservatives in the instant noodles! So, the kind of additive in instant noodle junk food and amount are not same order of magnitude!

In addition, compared with traditional staple food such as steamed bread and white rice, protein, carbohydrate and fat are contained in convenient staple food in different proportions in instant noodles that people shake their heads to reject in daily life. Therefore, when people feel hungry, eating instant noodles can quickly replenish energy and get full and physical strength.