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Maintenance operation of compound calender in instant noodle production line

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Compound calendering in instant noodle production line is to roll the dough after curing to meet the requirements through multiple channels. Compound calendering is also known as sheet pressing and rolling. It is also based on our traditional hand-rolling noodle making technology. The process of hand-rolling noodle making is to put the finished dough on the chopping board, roll the dough repeatedly with a rolling pin, and gradually press the dough into a certain thickness of the dough. The mechanical dough making is to get a certain thickness of dough through the rolling action of the press roller which rotates relative to the multi-channel action. Compound calender is the central link of instant noodle production, which has great influence on product quality.

 The specific maintenance operations are as follows

1. In the process of operation, for the normal operation of the pastry. Arrange a weekly normal inspection, the sprocket, chain, gear, eccentric wheel, ball, bearing and other transmission parts for a check, clean up the dirt.

 2. Test the concentricity of each press roll every week to ensure the consistency of the press distance of each press roll.

 3. To maintain sufficient lubricating oil, every day should check the sprocket, chain, gear, connecting rod, eccentric wheel and other transmission components lubrication, to ensure that the timing of sufficient lubricating oil. Influence roll life.

 4. Be careful not to let screws, nuts, metal or other hard substances into the press roll, otherwise it will damage the press roll.

 5. In the rolling process, the face is torn, and when the press roll is seriously worn, it should be removed in time and polished by the lathe.

 6. Check the speed change of the continuously variable transmission, whether there is an automatic sports car speed change phenomenon, check the tension of the belt and chain, often determine the temperature of the motor and transmission.