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Influencing factors of instant noodle slicing forming

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Instant noodle production line cutting molding technology is to press the good surface belt through a pair of knife rollers at high speed, is cut into strips, through the shaper to the forming net belt. Because the cutting speed is large, and the molding speed is small, the speed difference between the two causes the noodles to form neat ripple shape, which is the unique ripple of instant noodles.

The factors affecting the cutting molding

1.The quality of the face knife

Face knife is the main part of the wire cutter molding machine. If the tooth roll of the knife roll meshing is not deep enough, there will be a situation of combining strips. The surface of the tooth roll is not smooth, and the cut noodles will have burr.

2.The quality of the sheet

Less water in the face will lead to loose and sparse patterns, irregular. If there is too much water in the noodles, after cutting and forming, the noodles have no supporting ability and will appear flower collapse and accumulation. If the surface has broken edges, holes, it will form broken strips.

3. The ratio of the speed of the cutter roll to the speed of the molding belt

If the ratio is too small, the noodles will be too wavy and loose and sparse. Ratio is too large, noodle pattern accumulation, will lead to cooking, frying opaque.

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