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How to choose the model of instant noodle production line

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  How to choose the model of instant noodle production line

  The main models of the instant noodle production line equipment are matched according to the customer's production capacity. Taking the 70g noodle cake as an example, whether it is a square instant noodle cake or a round instant noodle cake, the corresponding model is shown in the figure.

  The output, energy consumption, and length of different types of instant noodle production line equipment will be different. The industry usually uses the width of the calender roller to correspond to the model of the instant noodle production line, such as the 500-type fried instant noodle production line, which means that the calender is used. The roll width is 500mm. But no matter the size of the model, every production process is indispensable!

  The fried instant noodle production line equipment produced by Dongfang NAOMU has been continuously developed and improved for more than 40 years. It has a number of patents and advanced technologies. The production capacity of the entire production line ranges from 120,000 yuan per day (24 hours) to 1.8 million yuan in the largest shift. It has a high degree of automation. The technology is mature and has been used in more than 40 countries and regions such as Germany, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Egypt, Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Master Kong. , Uni-President, Jinmailang, Nissin, Nongshim, MAYORA and other large-scale noodle-making enterprises at home and abroad have long-term cooperation.