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Air cooling machine for instant noodle production line equipment

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Process requirements of cooling air cooler for instant noodle production line equipment:

Refers to the cooling surface block temperature close to room temperature or slightly higher than room temperature 5℃.

Cooling machine structure and technical characteristics:

There are generally two types of cooling machine: one is mechanical air cooling, that is, the use of a number of direct cooling fans, through the electric fan to the cooling chamber of the cold air, play the surface block is cooled. The other is forced air cooling, which is to use two large air coolers, one of which is a blower, the other is an induced draft fan, forming cold air convection in the cooling room. These two kinds of cooling machine are mechanical forced cooling, the latter kind of cooling machine cost is high, but the effect is better.

Structure of cooling machine:

At present domestic commonly used is forced cooling fan for cooling machine, is mainly composed of frame, cooling tunnel, stainless steel mesh belt, drive motor, gearbox and several ZhiLengShi fan, by the pieces into the dryer to heat surface cooling tunnel, by transmission net belt to make pasta conveyor to the other side, in the process of conveying energy exchange and lower temperature with the cold wind, By cooling to a predetermined temperature.

Dongfang Shangwu new generation of strong air cooler, is the high temperature fried dough after strong air cooling, so that it is rapidly cooled, so that the temperature of the dough close to room temperature, in order to facilitate packaging and storage; The fan can be blown down and pumped up or side into and pumped up to cool down to ensure product health; The slideway adopts the new O-type top surface, which has small contact surface with the surface block, and the quality of packaging instant noodle cake is stable.

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