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Common faults and causes of steaming equipment in instant noodles production line

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After steaming, there is a phenomenon of sandwich in the noodles: the reasons are low steam temperature, low pressure, large exhaust volume, low water content in the noodles, short steaming time, and dense stacking of surface ripples.

There is air leakage at the sealing area of the steamer: the lock of the steamer cover is not fastened, and the sealing strip is damaged. It is necessary to repair and replace the sealing strip in a timely manner.

The mesh belt does not rotate: There is a fault in the transmission component between the mesh chain and the motor, which needs to be checked one by one from the motor to the mesh chain, or there is a blockage in the steam tank.

The steamed noodles mesh belt is damaged, and the mesh belt chain is severely worn. It may be due to the chain not being regularly lubricated with edible oil, the mesh belt material being defective, and the mesh belt not being cleaned thoroughly.

The temperature gauge of the steamer shows below the process requirements: the temperature gauge was not calibrated in a timely manner, the exhaust pipe hole was blocked, and the steam flow rate was too low.

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