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Process flow of the production line for stewed noodle mechanical equipment

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Braised noodles "is a culinary culture that combines meat, vegetables, soup, dishes, and rice, simple yet not vulgar, and nourishing. It advocates the essence of delicious and balanced nutrition, and its unique production process, excellent cooking skills, and carefully selected ingredients all have the classic beauty of being a historical famous food.

The earliest origin of "stewed noodles" was during the Han and Wei dynasties, also known as "soup cakes". After the Sui and Tang dynasties, the names gradually changed, including "Qilin Stewed Noodles", "Mutton Stewed Noodles", "Henan Stewed Noodles", and so on. According to the traditional Chinese cultural inheritance concept of "medicine and food are of the same origin", it has been endowed with different food culture connotations in different historical stages. From the initial recipe for dispelling cold and preventing diseases, to palace famous cuisine, and to folk restaurant cuisine, "stewed noodles" are the most typical flavor snack in the Central Plains region, with their delicious taste and affordable price. Henan has a large population base, with nearly 100 million people. There are few brands of instant noodles on the market, and the ones that are well done are even more numerous. Therefore, instant noodles have a huge market space.

Dongfang Naomu specializes in manufacturing various noodle food production equipment, and the production line of stewed noodle mechanical equipment is improved based on non fried noodles. Its main production process includes:

1. Flour supply and water supply system: The flour is quickly fed to the dough mixer through positive pressure quantitative air, and then paired with a water supply system for the dough mixing process inside the mixer.

2. Wake up ripening: Static ripening is used for uniform feeding in the tablet pressing process, with continuous and uninterrupted feeding through photoelectric induction.

3. Rolling section: The formed dough strip is continuously rolled by multiple rollers to meet a certain thickness requirement, and then cut and formed by a dough knife. The upper feeding is automatic, and the tension of the dough strip is automatically adjusted between different power sources. Especially, it is important to note that the stewed dough is thicker compared to other dough products, and then cut wider dough strips with a dough knife.

4. Steaming section: Put the separated rows of noodles into the steamer on the mesh belt, and use steam heating to make the noodles gelatinize and fix the shape of the noodles. Braised instant noodles take longer than other non fried noodles.

5. Cutting into the box section: After cutting the noodles to a certain length, they are usually placed into the box. Generally, there are more circular types of stewed noodles, which can be used for packaging barrel noodles, bowl noodles, and bag noodles, with strong universality.

6. Non fried drying stage: The cut and formed dough is pre dried to formal drying, allowing it to quickly dehydrate and dry in a high temperature and high wind pressure environment to produce a finished stewed noodle cake.

Our Dongfang Naomu Company has conducted a profound research on the traditional and noodle making principles of "Henan stewed noodles", and applied modern industrial simulation process design. Through scientific means of twelve processes such as beating, stirring, awakening, composite squeezing, and continuous rolling of selected wheat flour, we have achieved the traditional handmade stewed noodles with one pull, two drops, and three drops