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A new way to eat instant noodles

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instant noodles machine

A new way to eat instant noodles

Instant noodles should be the most common meal replacement in our daily life.
What's more, this delicious dish is easy to operate and easy to eat by simply flushing and braising it in hot water. The key is not limited to the geographical environment.
It is precisely because of this feature, many people because of busy work or remote reasons, instant noodles has become a very good meal staple.
If instant noodles were just for brewing, they would be a bit over qualified for this gourmet dish.
In fact, if we want to make instant noodles nutritious and delicious, we only need to go through simple boiling and frying, plus some side dishes that we like to eat, basically, we can make the gourmet pattern of instant noodles upgrade a level. Take a look at how it's cooked.
[Prepare raw materials] : two pieces of instant noodle cake, two eggs, a tomato, a green vegetable, a ham sausage, a little garlic, a spoon of oyster sauce, half a spoon of light soy sauce, 5 grams of sugar, half a gram of salt and chicken essence.
Step 1: first we prepare a 300ml boiling water, put the instant noodle cake into boiling water, super water for two and a half minutes out of the cool water, control dry into a bowl for standby.
Step 2: then pour the oyster sauce, light soy sauce, salt, chicken essence and sugar into the bowl of instant noodles and stir them evenly for 30 seconds. Set aside.
Step 3: the vegetables a piece of clean; Chop tomato hob; Ham sausage section; Beat the eggs in a bowl and set aside.
Step 4: add a little oil into the wok, pour the egg liquid into the oil temperature, keep stirring with chopsticks, stir fry until completely set, then remove to set aside.
Step 5: no need to wash the wok, add a little oil and saute minced garlic, then put the tomato pieces into the wok, stir fry for a minute and a half.
Step 6: subsequently slice of ham bowel and green vegetables pour into the pot successively, stir fry 1 minute slightly.
Step 7: finally, put the prepared instant noodles and the scrambled eggs into the pot, stir fry for one and a half minutes and then you can taste them.