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Laboratory Drying Machine

Laboratory Use Noodle Machine,Laboratory Drying Machine
Steaming Machine,Rolling machine,Vacuum Dough Mixer,Drying Machine
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Laboratory Use Noodle Machine

     Dongfang Naomu has been continuously developing and improving for more than 40 years, and has a full set of laboratory noodle making equipment with a number of independent research and development advanced technology. And applied to the world dozens of large noodle enterprise laboratory (Master Kong, Hong Kong Winner Food, JINMAILANG, Cargill, Fimenich, KEMIN China, Tianjin Riken), university laboratories (Jiangnan University, Henan University of Technology), and export to many countries, is the necessary special equipment for the research and development of instant noodles, dried noodles, non-fried noodles and other research and development projects for large noodle enterprises, keep long-term and deep cooperation with universities, research institutes, enterprise R&D centers and other institutions.

     It's applied in the majority of noodle enterprises new product research and development, can use less scientific research personnel, to save more resources such as water, electricity, steam, flour, so as to improve the test efficiency, and the experimental parameters can provide data for the production line of large equipment.


Dongfang Naomu pays attention to product quality


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Laboratory Drying Machine


DNHG300-S model: wind speed, temperature and time can be set according to program.

Can be used for non-fried noodles, stick noodles, semi-dry noodles and other drying food

◆Steam generator power: 24kw
◆Temperature display mode: gauge display;
◆1 set of steam pressure relief device;
◆2 sets of steam piping in the box;
◆Groove water seal, side open sewage tank;
◆Door open: manually up-sliding door;
◆Material: stainless steel 304;
◆Note: appearance of the equipment should be guaranteed without burrs, with electric leakage protection, using socket type wiring mode.

     Structure principle:

   ◆The box body of the dryer for laboratory use is double-layer structure and lined with thermal insulation material;

   ◆It is divided into front & back two parts inside the dryer: the front part is the material drying area, inside the multi-layer tray track, according to the need to place the tray on the appropriate layer; The upper and lower each has the split plate, air plate, electric heating pipe and mesh separator;  

   ◆The back part is equipped with hot air passage and wind direction regulator, which are connected with the inlet and outlet of the fan respectively; The wind direction regulator can automatically change the running direction of the wind according to the need, so that the hot air can run from bottom to top (the hot air runs from the lower part of the material to the upper part of the material); Hot air can also run from top to bottom (that is, hot air runs from the upper part of the material to the lower part of the material);

   ◆The top of the dryer has the moisture outlet, when the humidity in the dryer is greater than the set value, the moisture discharge automatically opens and the moisture air evaporates when drying is discharged; there is the automatic air intake regulator at the tail end of the fan exhaust inlet, which can automatically adjust the air intake according to the fixed temperature and control the temperature in the dryer, when the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the automatic air intake regulating valve is opened, and the temperature in the dryer is reduced by entering the cool air, the tail end of the fan inlet has an automatic humidification system, when the humidity in the dryer is lower than the set value, the humidification system automatically opens to humidify the dryer to control the relative humidity in the dryer;

   ◆Temperature and humidity sensor and wind speed sensor are arranged in the dryer, when the wind speed is inconsistent with the set value, the fan is automatically controlled by PLC to reach or approach the set value;

   ◆Also equipped with the wind collector, in high wind speed (10~15m/s) when the requirements will be installed; When below 10m/s, the air collector can be removed.


Rolling machine for laboratory use


     DFY150(200) type single set rolling machine for laboratory use) can complete the whole rolling process, add noodle knife/slitter, adjust the conveying speed, can produce different density patterns of corrugated surface noodles, straight noodles, leaf-shape noodles, rod hanging.


     Structure principle:

   ◆The machine is mainly composed of frame, roller, forming device, noodle knife (slitter), conveyor belt and transmission system;

   ◆The drive is composed of two motor direct reducer and chain drive, one drives the roller and the noodle knife, the other drives the conveyor belt;

   ◆Roller adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, production process speed regulation, automatic speed tracking;

   ◆Adopt roller unilateral synchronous adjustment mode. An adjusting handwheel is installed on the operating side wall panel, the adjusting device half shaft on both sides of the wall panel is connected to the handwheel through a group of splines, turn the handwheel, the roller gap at both ends can be adjusted synchronously. If the roller gap at both ends is inconsistent, can remove the spline, one side of the gap can be adjusted separately until the gap at both ends is consistent, and then the lock the spline. In this way, through a handwheel, can adjust the thickness of the dough belt synchronously on one side. The indicator table on the handwheel can be used for reference, the roller gap can be increased or decreased by 1.5mm when the handwheel rotates once.


Laboratory Vacuum Dough Mixer


DZHM5-S model: two-arm, vacuum, 5KG, can be used for instant noodles, stick noodles, fresh noodles and other uses

◆roller (mm) : ∮240×200, ∮180×200 (corrugated roller), ∮120×200 (cutting noodles);
◆Roller speed: adjustable speed (rotate speed, roll speed display);
◆Noodles knife, corrugated forming device(with ∮2.0 and ∮2.5 square knives respectively);

◆Roll dough belt conveyor belt also is the corrugated roller conveyor belt;
◆ Control: PLC, frequency regulator, 1 operation box (electrical components are imported);

◆Roll dough belt rod: 5pcs (resin);
◆The single machine can be adjusted independently, or connected into the steam box, adjust the tension device, photoelectric switch and access switch when connected;



Laboratory Rolling Machine

(DFY200-3S model)

3 groups of rollers are independent,

can be used for instant noodles, stick noodles, fresh noodles and other uses,

can be connected or single action

◆Output: 5kg/ time (minimum mixing amount 3kg); power 1.5kw VVVF;

◆Atmospheric pressure suspension arm type (single side fulcrum), or a choice of both-arm

◆Water ring vacuum pump 0.81kw; motor reducer (Tongli);

◆Vacuum degree < 0.085mpa, table display (Sheng He);

◆Single shaft, horizontal; high, medium, low 3 speed, speed and time are adjustable, separate drive;

◆Manual feed powder and water; Turn over the pot body unloading;

◆Pot body, mixing shaft, mixing teeth are stainless steel (316) production;

◆Outer protection plate is stainless steel (304), transmission parts is carbon steel with galvanized treatment;

◆Motor reducer (Tongli); Bearing (NSK)


     Structure principle:

   ◆Dough mixer for laboratory use is mainly composed of frame, pot body, pot body turning mechanism, stirring shaft, cover part, sealing device, vacuum device and transmission system.

   ◆Drive system is composed of reducer and belt drive. The reducer is driven by synchronous belt to rotate the stirring shaft in the pot body, then it turns into high-speed rotation, and then turns into low speed to continuously complete the dough mixing process.

   ◆The unloading method adopts reducer turning pot unloading.

   ◆Shaft seal adopts self-lubricating bearing packing and labyrinth seal; The upper cover is sealed by rubber gasket.

   ◆Add protective cover for the powder inlet and manually insert the board to feed the podwe;

   ◆Including 1 set of automatic rod pick device (adjustable rod speed, length, left and right uniformity)

Note: with electric leakage protection, electrical control cabinet made of stainless steel.

◆Imported sealing ring and sealing sleeve; VVVF, PLC control (Mitsubishi), touch screen setting.

◆Control: PLC (Mitsubishi), frequency regulator (Schneider), 1 operation board.

Note: with electric leakage protection


Laboratory Steaming Machine


DZML200-L model: continuous, water-sealed, atmospheric steam, can be used for fried & non-fried instant noodles and udon, boiled noodles, steamed noodles and other uses

Laboratory Steaming Unit


DZMS100-S model: manual, water-sealed, atmospheric steam, can be used for fried & non-fried instant noodles and udon, boiled noodles, steamed noodles and other uses

◆Low pressure wet steam device (material: inside and outside box pipe are 304 stainless steel);
◆Length 2 meters;
◆Pressure relief device, pressure gauge, temperature gauge;
◆Spray holes and exchange pipes: ∮2mm, ∮3mm, ∮3.5mm, ∮4mm, etc, 4 sets
◆Motor, reducer, frequency regulator, operation control cabinet, mesh belt, etc.

(electrical components are imported);
◆Type: single layer, continuous, saddle type (see picture);
◆Power 0.75kw (VVVF).

     Structure principle:

   ◆Steaming machine for laboratory use consists of steam generator, water supply device, disc type steam box and control cabinet;

   ◆The disc type steam box for laboratory use is mainly composed of box body, frame, cover, steamer drawer, temperature gauge, steam pipeline and so on;

   ◆The box body, frame, cover, steamer drawer and inside steam pipeline are made of stainless steel, and rubber strip is used to seal between cover and box body. There is a counterweight device to assist the opening of the top cover, which can place materials and clean the steamer drawer after opening the top cover.

   ◆The nozzle and the nozzle hole is arranged below steam drawer, the nozzle hole downward into a certain Angle, steam from the nozzle downward and then to rise to steam the noodles. Steam supply volume, temperature and humidity in the box are regulated by the valve on the steam supply pipe to meet the requirements of noodle gelatinization.

     ◆Steam generator power: 24KW                                       ◆Groove water seal, side open sewage tank;
     ◆Temperature display mode:gauge display;                       ◆Door open: manually up-sliding door;
     ◆1 set of steam pressure relief device;                            ◆Material: stainless steel 304;
     ◆2 sets of steam piping in the box;

    Note:Appearance of the equipment should be guaranteed without burrs, with electric leakage protection, using socket type wiring mode

Other type equipment

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