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Will instant noodles gradually disappear

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      When trains are replaced by high-speed trains, when small shops are upgraded to diversified retail supermarkets, when takeout is everywhere and pre made dishes are emerging, how can instant noodles seize the consumer trend and stand undefeated? Only by efficiently connecting and communicating with young people, and achieving innovative transformation, can we find vitality. Nowadays, instant noodles are moving from "eating comfortably" to "eating healthily and well". More and more instant noodle companies are starting to reduce oil and salt; the "industrial flavor" of seasoning bags is greatly reduced, increasing the use of natural ingredients and dehydrated vegetables; On the basis of the original noodles, functional features such as buckwheat noodles, non fried soaked noodles, low GI noodles have been added. Overall, low calorie, low-fat, low sugar, and low salt convenience foods are becoming mainstream, in line with consumers' healthy, nutritious, and safe dietary concepts. These changes have given instant noodles the opportunity to become more formal meals.

  With the formation of consumption habits and the increasing number of home consumption scenarios for instant noodles, instant noodle brands are no longer limited to traditional offline stores, but are beginning to shift to emerging channels such as interest e-commerce and instant retail. The emergence of new models is an important battle for brands to continuously expand product scenarios and enhance channel penetration. As long as industrial innovation can keep up with market demand, instant noodles will still be one of the food choices on people's dining tables, and this delicious taste will never disappear.

  We, Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., have a complete research and development process for instant noodle production line and supply equipment to many large food enterprises at home and abroad. We can create good products and equipment that meet the needs of customers based on the size and weight requirements of different dough blocks. We are committed to providing comprehensive system services and professional technical support for new and old customers.