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The non fried instant noodle equipment dryer

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        The non fried instant noodle equipment dryer, will pre dry the cut and formed dough until it is officially dried, allowing it to quickly dehydrate and dry in a high temperature and high wind pressure environment to produce finished instant noodles. The pancake adopts a new type of partition drying, which has a short drying time, fast rehydration of the dough, and good taste. The non fried instant noodle equipment dryer consists of a radiator, steam indirect heating, high-pressure fan, steam regulating valve, pipeline components, moisture removal pipe, outlet cooling air device, and other parts. The drying capacity includes three types: 3t/h, 5t/h, and 7t/h. Its external dimensions vary depending on the drying capacity. The general number of layers for a dryer is 5, and for a reciprocating dryer it is 10.

  Our Dongfang Naomu non fried instant noodle production line is a new type of instant noodle production line developed and developed by our company in collaboration with advanced Japanese technology. The super non fried drying technology has completely changed the problem of traditional non fried instant noodles not being able to quickly rehydrate. It adopts a unique high temperature and high wind pressure simulation of rapid circulation of hot air and internal rapid circulation heat flow technology. The non fried instant noodles produced by it not only have good rehydration properties, uniform color of the noodles, a smooth texture, a flat and light taste, but also the shape and thickness can be customized according to customer needs. While ensuring large-scale production, it also better meets the national demand for healthy instant noodles.