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Wastewater treatment during the production of instant noodle food enterprises

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        In the production of instant noodles, it is inevitable to produce some wastewater, such as the cleaning of raw materials and equipment on the instant noodle production line. If discharged without treatment, it is easy to cause adverse effects on the environment. The high concentration of organic matter in wastewater has always been one of the difficult to treat food production and processing wastewater, and relying solely on traditional treatment processes is difficult to achieve ideal results. Generally speaking, wastewater treatment in instant noodle processing plants adopts "pre-treatment+biological treatment+deep treatment". Among them, biological treatment can be carried out using a combination of anaerobic and aerobic processes, and further evolution of processed wastewater can be achieved through technologies such as membrane treatment and strong oxidants to avoid blockages in pipelines, water pumps, and some equipment.

  Anaerobic treatment technology is of utmost importance in achieving innovative research on organic matter energy conversion and biological enhancement technology. Now, with the innovative research and development of scientific research teams, anaerobic treatment technology has been optimized and upgraded, with more effective treatment speed, higher efficiency, and more stable operation. At present, the high-speed anaerobic reactors on the market have further improved the unit volume load rate of the reactors, improved the interception efficiency of biomass, and enhanced the treatment effect of high concentration wastewater through innovative first stage gas-water separation and second stage separation designs.

  From the perspective of wastewater treatment technology, for high concentration organic wastewater, traditional treatment processes cannot be relied solely on, and a single wastewater treatment technology cannot be adopted. At present, the anaerobic+aerobic combined treatment process has great advantages in energy consumption, investment, treatment cost, and treatment effect, and has been widely applied in multiple fields of the food industry such as noodle processing.

  Dongfang Naomu specializes in the research and development, design, and production of integrated noodle product machinery production lines. In the production process, it can achieve one-stop comprehensive services from automatic powder supply, automatic film loading and rolling, photoelectric tracking, steaming noodles, frying, cooling, and packaging. Dongfang Shangwu recommends corresponding specifications of noodle equipment based on the customer's production budget and develops a complete production plan for the customer.