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Key operating points for the production and operation of stick noodle production line

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      1、 Preparation before operation

  1.1 According to the production plan of the day, prepare all necessary high-quality raw and auxiliary materials.

  1.2 Check whether each machine and equipment is in normal working condition.

  1.3 Check whether each transmission device is normal and whether the lubrication is good.

  1.4 Check if the water, electricity, and gas are normal.

  1.5 Eliminate debris that may affect driving production.

  1.6 After electrical maintenance, the motor direction must be checked.

  1.7 After careful inspection by the production personnel and confirmation of accuracy, the team leader shall notify them to drive.

  2、 Start up and run

  2.1 Drive the vehicle empty, check for any abnormal conditions and abnormal sound, and wait for normal operation before feeding.

  2.2 Strictly follow the regulations for feeding and supplying water, and strictly control the mixing time.

  2.3 Strictly follow the thinning rate of each layer, and do not change it arbitrarily. Pay attention to the thickness of the surface at all times, whether there is any damage, and adjust it at any time.

  2.4 When the noodles enter the drying room at 1/7, turn on the fan and fan, adjust the air volume of the hot air fan and the air volume of the flue gas fan according to the drying temperature requirements; Determine the heat capacity of the hot air stove based on the drying temperature requirements.

  2.5 Strengthen patrol inspections, and if any abnormal sounds or odors are found, the cause should be immediately identified and a specialist should be sought for timely resolution.

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