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The role and influencing factors of aging and ripening of stick noodles and instant noodle production lines

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    Maturation, also known as "dough aging", is the process of further improving the processing performance of dough over time, and is one of the factors that affect the taste of instant noodles and stick noodles.

  Specific operation: Put the mixed dough into a low-speed conveyor for ripening and aging, and slowly transport it at low temperature and low speed to complete ripening. The maturation time is generally not less than 8 minutes.

  1、 The main function of dough aging and ripening:

  1.1 Further form a gluten network through dough aging.

  1.2 Automatically regulate the water content between protein and starch to homogenize them.

  1.3 Before the rolling machine, it plays a role in uniform feeding.

  2、 Factors affecting the ripening effect:

  2.1 Maturation time: The length of maturation time is the main factor affecting the maturation effect. In theory, the maturation time is relatively long, but due to equipment limitations, the maturation time usually does not exceed half an hour, but should not be less than 10 minutes. The ripening time is too short, the gluten network is not fully formed, and the resulting pancakes are not resistant to soaking and are easy to mix with soup.

  2.2 Mixing speed: The maturation process requires it to be carried out under static conditions, but to avoid the agglomeration of the dough into large blocks, which makes feeding difficult, low-speed mixing is adopted.

  2.3 Maturation temperature: The dough aginng temperature is lower than the dough mixing temperature. Usually 25 ℃.

  In addition, it is important to maintain the moisture content of the dough during ripening.

  Dongfang Naomu dough aging Machine: When the flour passes through the dough homogenizer, it enters the dough aging   Machine and is slowly transported to achieve a relatively static ripening effect, ensuring the formation of a gluten network in the flour dough. The end is mixed with spiral stirring to enter the rolling mill section, and the best dough aging state is obtained before entering the rolling mill.