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The effect of secondary awakening on fresh noodle

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Waxing, also known as curing, is the continuation of the dough making process. Its function is to make the water penetrate into the protein colloid to the maximum extent, so that it fully absorbs water and expands and sticks to each other. At the same time, it eliminates the internal pressure caused by extrusion and stretching of gluten during dough making, so that the dough is in a gradually relaxed state and has extensibility, so that the viscosity decreases. Thus completely formed in line with the processing requirements of gluten network organization.

Since the aging stage is very important for the formation of dough gluten, and gluten formation is closely related to water and temperature, control of water and temperature is more critical for the waking stage. The appropriate waking temperature is generally 25~35 ℃, the humidity is generally 80%~85%, and the time is generally 20~35 min.

In order to better improve the quality of fresh noodles, it is necessary to undergo a second awakening. The results of the changes in the texture characteristics of fresh and wet noodles after a second awakening show that the hardness, elasticity and chewability of fresh noodles have been improved to a certain extent.

The change of fresh noodles may be related to the increase of muscle strength and structural stability of noodles and the decrease of noodle dissolution rate. This proves that the second awakening improves the chewability of fresh noodles to a certain extent, bringing people better taste.

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