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Instant noodles will be healthier and more refined in the future

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Instant noodles will be healthier and more refined in the future

From the day instant noodles were born, Momofuku Andoset five goals and conditions of "convenience, nutrition, sanitation, low price and long-term storage". With technological innovation and increasing health awareness around the world, many instant noodle companies are working to develop healthier and more refined instant noodle products.

South Korea, home to the world's highest per capita consumption of instant noodles, is trying to replace salt with natural ingredients such as mushrooms and seaweed in a bid to keep up with consumers' growing focus on health. Thai companies replaced sodium chloride with potassium chloride, reducing the salt content of instant noodles by 10 to 15 percent.

In Japan, some of the instant noodles seasoning and dry packet added calcium and vitamins B1, B2 and other nutrients, the future will also have a variety of special effects of instant noodles, such as adding plant fiber, bone collagen, prevent obesity instant noodles; Add chitin, instant noodles which can reduce cholesterol, etc.

In China, instant noodle enterprises also continue to carry out research and innovation on the nutritional value of their products, and introduce nutritious and healthy instant noodles, which are favored by consumers.

Some consumers are used to seeing instant noodles as low-end food, mainly brewed, with a single nutrition stigma attached. But in countries like South Korea and Japan, instant noodles are even more popular than you might think. In South Korea, the average person eats 74 packets of instant noodles a year.

In the eyes of the Korean people, instant noodles are not only simple and fast, affordable, but also nutritious, delicious and healthy, which is indispensable for almost every family. Whether at home, at work or when shopping at ordinary times, as long as you want to eat, eat immediately. As a "national food", instant noodles have developed into a unique and mature culture.

Instant noodles come in a variety of cooking styles and flavors in South Korea. South koreans love instant noodles cooked with a variety of vegetables and spiced with a spicy sauce, preferably with eggs and scallions, for what they see as a healthy, balanced meal with no nutritional or flavor choices.