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Instant noodles "circle" young people with innovation

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Instant noodles "circle" young people with innovation
How to meet the needs of young people, let young people like, is becoming one of the most important issues for most brands. As a senior consumer product, instant noodles industry after years of efforts, health transformation speed up, innovation into an active period, especially in the brand young, the performance is very bright.
Quality has "appearance level" innovation to retain young stomach
According to the 2018 big data report on China's Internet consumption ecology released by yicai data center, the young circle has become the intermediate force of consumption, and the post-1990 generation has become an important driving force for this round of consumption upgrading. The report points out that the post-90s consumers attach great importance to quality and quality upgrading in all aspects of life, and are more willing to pay for innovative products with creativity, value and connotation when products are diversified and choices are diversified. Accordingly, the main brands of instant noodles conform to the trend of consumption upgrading, have innovative layout of the high-end market with value, take the route of nutrition and health, and win the favor of young people.
The Master Kong instant noodle restaurant series, which went on sale last year, has gone far beyond instant noodles with its "mellow broth and super meat" selling point. From noodles to soups to meat buns, they have achieved leapfrog breakthroughs in terms of technology. Four patented lasagna technologies, smooth and even, mellow beef bone soup and other unique ingredients with a healthy ratio and no additives, selected beef superior brain meat at low temperature rolling and vacuum lock fresh chunks of beef, tender and juicy, and selected high-quality cabbage, broccoli and other vegetarian dishes. Cleverly configured preheating tray lets the package and surface separate heating, giving high quality food materials an exquisite sense of ceremony. The exclusive custom high quality material bowl and the patent splicing chopsticks, everywhere displays the master kong product craftsman spirit, is the high-end instant noodles.
Uni-president group inherits Chinese cuisine, and the high-end life noodle brand represents "manchu and han cuisine", striving to be the most valuable and uncompromising meal substitute noodle. Following the "table beef noodles with half muscle and half meat", the company has launched the main sour and spicy beef noodles with "imperial taste old temple pickled cabbage" and "sichuan style ecstasy spicy beef noodles", providing richer choices for high-end consumers who enjoy the quality of life.
Jinmailang's instant noodle restaurant noodle cup, which will be launched in September 2019, has successfully developed two new products, including Dan Dan noodles, based on the innovation of "non-fried and steamed noodles" technology. Noodles straight, soft, smooth, fast rehydration, rich ingredients, fresh packaging. Fully reflect the high level of instant noodles.
In order to cater to consumers' health-conscious needs, nissin has launched a low fat and low calorie "taste happy" spicy tomato seafood flavor and bean milk wild vegetable soup flavor. It cooperates with famous Japanese ramen shops such as "one wind hall", "dolphin king" and "bo duo yi yu she" to launch a series of new concept products, namely, the royal shop series, so that consumers can enjoy high-quality ramen originating from Japan in convenience stores.
Baixiang food's "soup is good" line redefines a bowl of good noodles. Broke the traditional way of powder package seasoning, is the first instant noodles do not need powder package, all the essence of the product in the soup package. In April of this year, the ten thousand year buckwheat noodle was put on the market. For the first time, the buckwheat noodle was made with plateau black buckwheat flour, which was 100% pure buckwheat noodle. It effectively cracked the buckwheat broken strip and adhesion problem.