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Circulating drying system for stick noodle production line equipment

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       The key points of the stick noodle production line process include: mixing raw and auxiliary materials → mixing noodles → making and cutting strips → putting on shelves → drying → cutting off the lower rod → crushing the dry end

  The most important link among them is the circulating drying system, which plays a decisive role in the quality of dried noodles. Under the interaction of appropriate temperature, relative humidity, and ventilation factors, the moisture in fresh noodles should be removed to ensure that the noodles are not crispy or cracked, and meet the national quality standards.

  The entire drying process is divided into four stages, namely the cold air conditioning stage, the moisture retention and sweating stage, the high-temperature dehydration stage, and the cooling and heat dissipation stage. The noodles initially enter the low-temperature zone of the drying room, and the temperature and humidity in the first temperature zone of the drying room are basically consistent with the indoor temperature and humidity, which is called the cold air conditioning stage. The middle part is the stage of moisture retention, sweating, and high-temperature dehydration, while the temperature at the end of the drying room is slightly higher than the indoor temperature, indicating a cooling and heat dissipation stage.

  Our stick noodle production line equipment at Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has a reasonable structural design, strong adaptability to use, and is easy to operate in installation, use, maintenance, and other aspects. We will actively communicate with new and old customers. From initial consultation to plan setting, equipment manufacturing, to on-site installation and personnel training in the later stage, we wholeheartedly provide comprehensive system services and professional technical support to new and old customers.