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Product Center



Stick Noodle Production Line

The hanging low-temperature noodle production line is a noodle production line that has been improved, matured and reliable for decades. It represents the advanced level of the same industry in China. The equipment equipped in the production line is well-made, the whole process is highly automated, the operability is strong, the production continuity is good, the product quality is excellent, the yield is high, and the energy consumption is low.

Stick Noodle Production Line

Hanging-type Low Temperature Stick Noodle Production Line

International New-type Noodle Production Line

New Generation Middle Temperature Noodle Production Line



Instant Noodle Production Line

The fried instant noodle production line produced by our company has been continuously developing and improving for more than 40 years. It has a number of advanced and advanced technology, the production capacity of the whole production line ranges from 120,000 to 1.8 million pieces per shift (24 hours), with a high degree of automation and mature technology, it has been used in Germany, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Egypt, Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, more than 40 countries and regions.

Commercial Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line

Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

Cup Noodle Production Line

Fried Snack Instant Noodle Production Line



Non-fried Instant Noodle Production Line

Super non-fride drying technology solves the problem that the traditional non-fried noodles can not be quickly rehydrated, and adopts the unique heat flow technology of high temperature and high wind pressure to simulate the rapid circulation of hot air and internal rapid circulation, the production of non-fried instant noodles not only rehydration performance well, tastes better than traditional non-fried instant noodles, at the same time, it also more in line with people's demand for health and convenience.

Non-fried instant noodle production line

Non Fried Hand-arranged Noodle Production Line

Non Fried Corrugated Noodle Production Line

Non-fried noodle leaf/particle noodle/small piece noodle production line




Fresh Ramen Semi-dry Noodle Production Line

Continuous automatic production of the whole line, imitation of the manual process, more close to the taste of hand-made noodles, easy to change the mold, more can meet the different tastes and noodle types.

Semi-dried noodles adopts wheat flour as the main raw material, by flour mixing, rolling, cutting, drying sterilization, packing and other processes to produce, water content is generally 19%-26% . The main features are: high water content, good taste, longer shelf life.

Fresh Noodle/Ramen Noodle Production Line

Semi-dry Noodle Production Line

Fresh Noodle & Dumpling Wrapper Production Line

Wonton Wrapper Production Line



Boiled Udon Noodle Production Line

Cooperate with domestic boiled/semi-fresh noodles and udon noodles production giant, from the equipment, process, formula, production integration of the whole solution.
Boiled ramen (Trolley Noodle), Udon noodles (LL noodles) and instant hot-dry noodles, healthy non-fried process, smooth taste, convenient for 1-2 minutes of fast food, which is the development direction of instant noodles foods in the future.

Udon Noodle Production Line

Boiled Noodle Production Line

Hot Dry Noodle Production Line

Cooked Noodle Production Line




Laboratory Use Noodle Machine

The series of experimental equipments of flour making machines tor lab use successfuly developed by our company is designed with such characteristics as compact conformation. convenient installation, easy operation and strong versatilty. applicable to the useability research trials of such flour making procedures as flour mixing, flour roling, gelatinization. drying and dehydrating and deep-fry dehydration of instant noodles and other flour -making products.

Rolling machine for laboratory use

Laboratory Single-layer Steaming Machine

Laboratory Drying Machine

Laboratory Dough Mixer Machine