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Common malfunctions and solutions of stick noodle production equipment

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        In the daily use of most stick noodle equipment, inevitable small problems often arise. Analyze common faults and solutions of noodle equipment to ensure the output and quality of noodles on the noodle production line.

  1. The uneven thickness of the running edge or both sides in the rolling section is caused by the inconsistent gap between the two ends of the roller. It is necessary to adjust the gap between the two ends of the roller appropriately and adjust it evenly to solve the problem.

  2. The stick noodles are in a curved and wavy shape, which is caused by the excessive installation angle of the scraper, cutting blade, and comb blade. Proper adjustment is needed to solve this problem.

  3. The occurrence of panel roller sticking is often caused by excessive moisture in the surface billet, and another factor is the loosening of the scraper bolts.

  4. The uneven length of the upper rod noodles is caused by the displacement of the cutting blade and the hook of the automatic upper rod chain. The bolt of the upper chain wheel can be loosened appropriately to match the automatic upper rod with the chain.

  5. When processing, the noodles cannot be cut off mainly because the cutting edge of the cross-section does not match the bottom plate. Adjusting the position appropriately can solve the problem.

  The stick noodle making process of the Dongfang Naomu fully automatic stick noodle machine involves the dough being squeezed by multiple sets of dough rollers to form dough pieces. The dough is then cut into strips by the front cutting blade, and then automatically picked up by an automatic strip picker. The pressed noodles are automatically hung on the noodle rods and sent to the drying room through an adjustable temperature. After drying, the noodles enter the intelligent cutting machine and are automatically cut and formed. The output of the stick noodle production line varies from 4 tons to 30 tons per shift for 8 hours, and can produce a variety of products with interchangeable noodle cutters.

  Zhengzhou Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing a complete set of stick noodle production lines, with equipment exported to more than 40 countries, stable and reliable, and high degree of automation. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive system services and professional technical support to new and old customers, from initial consultation to plan setting, equipment manufacturing, and later on-site installation and personnel training.