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Wonton Wrapper Production Line

Instant noodles definition: also called instant noodles. It can be traced back to the face of the invention of the Hanxin army in the three years of the Han Dynasty (the first 205 years).
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Instant noodle industry development trend


Henan Oriental Group was established in 1975 and has been in business for more than 30 years. In 2002, it was restructured and established a joint venture with Japan to establish Zhengzhou Dongfang Shangwu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. (Sino-Japanese joint venture). The company occupies an area of ​​600 mu, with an annual output of more than 300 food machinery such as noodles and instant noodles, with an output value of nearly 200 million yuan. It has more than 1,300 employees, more than 40 designers, and many senior engineers, one of whom enjoys the State Council allowance.

The company is specialized in manufacturing instant noodle production lines and noodle machinery and equipment. It has formed a series of production lines for various instant noodle production lines and noodle production lines. At the same time, it has been listed as a key protection unit by the relevant state departments.



The non-fried instant noodle production line produced by the company is a new super non-fried instant noodle production line that can be developed independently of Japanese technology to replace fried instant noodles. The instant noodles produced are oil-free, and the rehydration time is short, and the feeling of satiety is strong. The degree of line expansion can be adjusted. The equipment equipped in the production line is well-made, the whole process is highly automated, operability and low energy consumption.

Super non-fried instant noodles basic production process:

Powder--water distribution-metering water supply--face-to-dough conveying--slice rolling--continuous calendering-cutting flower--steaming surface--cutting and arranging-drying--finishing cooling--split conveying- -Packaging and storage

The raw material (flour) is transported to the dough mixer using the air delivery system (if the powder collection bin is used, it can be fully automated).

First, the powder section

The salt and alkali and other ingredients required for the dough are quickly stirred and mixed with water to enter the metering water supply stage.

Second, the surface of the water distribution section

The uniformly distributed water is metered to the dough mixer.

Third, metering water supply section

Fourth, the dough section

The flour and water are thoroughly stirred to form a dough.


In 2011, China's above-scale convenient food manufacturing industrial enterprises realized a main business income of 254.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44.04%; total profit reached 18.29 billion yuan, an increase of 49.88%.
Instant noodles are convenient in the staple food field, and the production of instant noodles in China has ranked first in the world. Overall, China's instant noodle production is still in the development stage. China's per capita instant noodles ranks 9th in the world, and consumption is mainly concentrated in urban residents. The consumption level of rural residents is less than one third of that of cities. With the acceleration of urbanization, the income of urban and rural residents has increased, and the market prospect of instant noodles is optimistic.
China's "Food Industry "12th Five-Year Plan for Development" proposes that during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China will vigorously promote the rapid development of the convenience food manufacturing industry and increase the development of new convenience food products to meet market segmentation needs. The “Planning” expects that by 2015, the output value of the convenience food manufacturing industry will reach 530 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 30%, and 10 large-scale convenience food processing enterprise groups with sales revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan will be formed.

Workshop production scene


Instant noodles definition: also called instant noodles. It can be traced back to the face of the invention of the Hanxin army in the three years of the Han Dynasty (the first 205 years). When Han Xin led the 100,000 troops in Heyang on the Yellow River and prepared to attack the Wei, Wei, and Wang Leopards in the river, in order to solve the problem of marching grain, the invention invented the buckwheat flour and wheat flour, boiled into eight mature large cakes, and cut into wide strips. This type of cake is convenient to carry around, or it can be eaten by adding water, so it can also be regarded as the earliest form of instant noodles.

The modern instant noodle that became a fast-food product was invented in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture in 1958 by the Taiwanese Japanese and Ando Baifu in 1958, in view of the fact that they had a long queue of rice noodles. You only need a cup of boiling water to fill your stomach. Instant noodles quickly open the market with its characteristics of cheap, delicious, convenient and long-lasting.
Nowadays, instant noodles are divided according to the process: fried instant noodles, non-fried instant noodles and instant noodles.


The main products are: noodle machine, noodle machine production line, low temperature noodle machine production line, medium temperature noodle machine production line, new low temperature noodle machine production line, non-fried instant noodle complete production line equipment;
Class production line of 3-10 tons noodle machine complete sets, non-fried dry corrugated surface, hand row surface, hand row surface equipment production line, etc...

Group strength


Five. Dough conveying section

The dough is automatically and evenly transferred to the lap rolling section.

Sixth, the film rolling section

The floc dough is calendered into a thick dough by a press roll and enters a continuous calendering stage.

Seven, continuous rolling section

The thick noodle strip is calendered to a final desired thin dough by a plurality of sets of press rolls at a calculated calendering ratio to prepare a shredded strand.

Eight, shredded flowers

The thin dough is divided into the desired noodle shape by the cutting knife (the cutting knife can replace the mold according to the width, the narrow, the thick, the thin, the square and the circle), and the noodle is used to form the desired pattern by using the speed difference.

Nine, steaming section

The noodles after the shredded flowers are heated by steam to make them gelatinized.

Ten, cut off the division of the section

The gelatinized noodles are cut and formed into a frying machine.

Eleven、Drying section

The dough pieces are dried and dehydrated through different drying temperature zones.

Twelve, shaping cooling section

The dough piece after drying at a high temperature is cooled.

Thirteen, diversion and transport section

The cooled dough pieces are conveyed to the packaging machine in a divided manner.

Fourteen,Packing section

The delivered noodle pieces are automatically packaged into finished products after being placed in the desired seasoning package.


The products are sold to many well-known enterprises in various countries and countries, such as Master Kong, Uni-President, Hualong, Jinmailang, Baixiang, Korea Nongxin, Keming Noodle, Boda Noodle, Yikang Noodle, etc., have received the use of manufacturers. It has a good reputation and now accounts for 73% of the national food machinery market; and exports to more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Nigeria, Mongolia, Malaysia, South Africa, Myanmar, and Germany.


Fresh Noodle, Dumpling & Wonton Wrapper Production Line (for customer America)

Automatic Fresh Ramen Noodle Making Machine | Poduction liner

Fresh Noodle, Dumpling & Wonton Wrapper Production Line 


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