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Transformation of Convenient Food towards Diversification and Sustainability

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       The food industry needs transformation, diversification and sustainable development. To address global challenges such as obesity, malnutrition, and food waste, while facing increasing pressures from climate, resources, and biodiversity.

  Low glycemic index foods: The glycemic index refers to the relative rate at which food increases blood sugar within 2 hours of entering the body. Cereals and legume products such as millet, sorghum, and corn are all low glycemic index foods. At the same time as preventing and controlling chronic diseases, solving the problems of food resource waste and nutrient loss during food processing, reducing food loss from fertile fields to dining tables, and developing environmentally friendly and healthy foods.

  Plant based foods: contribute to cardiovascular health, muscle health, weight management, and exercise nutrition. Multiple product life cycle (LCA) reports have confirmed that replacing 1 ton of beef with soy protein can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 25 tons, making it a sustainable high-quality protein choice.

  Suitable for the elderly: Increase the formula design of different types of elderly food, such as elderly nourishing food, elderly prevention food, and special elderly functional food, to promote elderly health and actively respond to population aging.

  Carbon neutrality: Convenient food has a full chain of carbon screening from raw materials, processing, to packaging, achieving carbon neutrality of convenience food. Technological innovation promotes green, low-carbon, and sustainable development of the convenience food industry.

  Dongfang Naomu is not only refining and expanding the market for instant noodle production line equipment, but also upgrading and innovating equipment for researching new noodle foods. Enable our customers to diversify their production of different noodle products. In addition, improving the flexibility of equipment and the connection ability of production lines allows for dynamic combination of production lines between equipment, reducing investment costs for production enterprises and shortening production cycles.