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The three stages of dry eating noodles

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       1995-2004, groping and rapid development stage

  The appearance of dry-eating noodles is itself an adjunct and extension product of boiled instant noodles. Crushing the boiled instant noodles into powder and shaking them to form the embryonic form of crisp noodles, now 25-30-year-old consumers are still keen to dry eating noodles crumble eating habits should be dry when eating boiled instant noodles formed when a child. At the early stage of development, the main representative brands were the tiger team and the raccoon. Besides being able to fill the stomach, the rich and interesting cards in the package were also important to drive consumption, at this stage, the main consumers are primary school students and junior high school students.

  2005-2014, innovative technology, dry eating noodles production line into a separate category

  At this stage, the major stores found that relying solely on entertainment properties to drive sales can not meet the changing needs of consumers, therefore, how to work on the taste of the dough itself has become a problem for technicians to start thinking about. Drawing lessons from the principle of biscuit production, innovative launch of spray technology, combined with meat flavor, so that product taste more palace and delicious. With the launch of the product, the market reacted strongly, triggering the second development trend of dry-eating noodles, and the main consumer group also shifted to the older age group. It can be said that the development of this stage has led the dry-eating noodles to a new height, the taste and form of the products have been tending towards casual snacks. It is at this stage, dry noodles began to appear 1 yuan price brands, such as raccoon, to power meal, Crisp commander and other brands.

  From 2014 to now, shake off the shackles of the concept of instant noodles and develop towards diversified leisure food

  With the popularity of a Taiwanese snack-style noodle dish called"Little sister Zhang Junya" on the mainland, companies struggling with a double dip in sales and dry noodles have had an epiphany, the original dry eating noodles can also be made into a cake shape, the original dry eating noodles production line packaging form can be so interesting... In line with the situation, some enterprises have launched leisure dried food products, such as Master Kong's crisp whirlwind and crisp wide interest, the unified crisp second generation. The palm crisp produced by Chang Ji (casual name) , which has encountered business difficulties, is also popular in the market, at the same time also extended the sales channels (bulk channel) , the performance of these products are sending a signal to dry eating noodles is entering the leisure snack era. Although some enterprises keep trying, but there are differences with expectations, so how to make their products more casual, personalized, convenient and refined, is still the current direction of Instant Noodle Enterprises thinking.

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