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Several ways of eating instant noodles

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Basically, no matter whether men, women, or children, there is a pack of food, but always eating it regularly, it is estimated that 2 meals will be tired, and we will introduce 50 kinds of eating methods, so that every day, you will be in a month, every day, every day. Instant noodles will surprise you...

See how the Internet Master teaches you how to cook noodles wow~

First come everyone is well known:

1. Instant noodles

Ingredients: One pack of instant noodles, 2 tomatoes, 100g of small rapeseed, and one egg. Peanut oil a little, onion, ginger, salt a little

1. Tomato diced, small rapeseed washed. Hot oil in the pot, add onion ginger and shabu-shabu.

2. Pour in the tomato diced, stir fry evenly and simmer until soft.

3. Pour boiling water. (cooked noodles, you can put more) into a poached egg, medium and small fire until the egg yolk is almost solidified, and the egg is removed and put into a bowl.

  Several ways of eating instant noodles

2. Nutrition instant noodles

Ingredients: instant noodles, one egg, fungus, enoki mushroom, ham, a little parsley.


1. Put cold water under the pot and put it into the surface when it is open.

2. Put in the eggs, and the spices in the bread, cook for a while.

3. Put in the mushroom and fungus, and finally add the coriander foam.

4. Put the cake and seasoning in the pan and mix well. Cover and cook for 6-8 minutes. Then add a little rapeseed and add a little salt and cook for a minute to turn off the heat.

5. Pour the vinegar and sesame oil into the bowl of the egg, then pour the cooked noodles into it.

3. Delicious noodle pot

Ingredients: half an onion, half a color of pepper (yellow, red), half a tofu, a proper amount of kimchi, 1 ham, 6 pieces of rice cake, 3 canned luncheon meat, 1 packet of instant noodles, 1 slice of cheese, 2-3 pieces of seaweed slices, moderate amount of soup (chicken, beef and other soups) or water


1. Onions, ham, luncheon meat, tofu slices, and cut peppers, put the above materials together with the rice cakes and kimchi into the pot, and add the broth (or water) to cook.

2. After the soup rolls, put the cheese slices and seaweed slices.

3. After the cheese is melted, you can eat it from the ramen.

4. Dragon and Tiger Fighting Instant Noodles

Ingredients: instant noodles, shrimp, mink, mushrooms, egg skin, parsley


1. Shrimp is squeezed in the evening (slightly frozen, better squeezed). Remove the sand line, finely smash, slightly release cooking wine, salt, ginger, a little egg white, stir the raw powder, and buy the small skin.

2, the Dongdong can be placed according to their own preferences, today there are mushrooms, egg skin, coriander, 馄饨 好

3, instant noodles a pack until just can be picked, put the vegetable package, seasoning package, and then put the oysters, mushrooms, to the cockroach broken, put the oil package, egg skin, taste the taste, sprinkle with parsley.

  Several ways of eating instant noodles

5. Spicy cabbage noodles

Ingredients: 2 pieces of noodles (available in supermarkets, noodles with noodles), a little homemade spicy cabbage, a spoonful of Korean hot sauce. Seasoning: sesame oil, beef powder (no chicken essence)


1) Wash the gold pan and add a little sesame oil to heat it.

2) Add chopped spicy cabbage to saute (spicy cabbage should not be too sour and not good, a little taste)

3) Add boiled water, add a spoonful of Korean chili sauce and a little beef powder to taste

4) Add the noodles to cook and enjoy. Super delicious, try it~~

Ok, today, I will briefly introduce the eating methods of these five instant noodles. You must try it. This is a must for lazy people!

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