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Operation management of the stick noodle machine drying room

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   The operation and management of the stick noodle machine drying room should achieve the following points: 

       1. Regularly check the operation of the drying equipment, pay real-time attention to the temperature and humidity data displayed on the display, and enter the drying room every 30 minutes to check the dehydration of noodles in each section. Any abnormalities should be dealt with in a timely manner.

  2. Adjust according to the seasonal climate and changes in oven temperature and humidity, keep original records of each time, accumulate data and information, and explore the operating rules from it. Reasonably adjust temperature and humidity, achieve precise operation, and scientific management.

  3. Clean frequently and promptly clean the fallen noodle heads to prevent mold and sourness, and promptly deal with sour, crispy, and damp hanging noodles.

  4. Diligently practice basic skills and be able to use sensory senses such as hands, eyes, nose, and teeth to identify sour, crispy, and damp dried noodles. Diligently conduct laboratory tests and keep track of the quality of noodles at all times, in order to take timely improvement measures to ensure the quality of finished products.

  The operation, management, and maintenance of the drying room are the most critical processes in the production process of the stick noodles. They are essential steps to ensure product quality, meet consumer needs, and adapt to market competition.

  We, Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., as a well-established supplier of noodle machinery and equipment in China, have sound operational technical training and after-sales service, enabling the majority of noodle processing enterprises to use it with confidence.