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一碗面唤起最原始的记忆 A bowl of noodles evokes the most primitive memories

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A bowl of noodles evokes the most primitive memories
- Xichou handmade noodles
Wenshan Xichou county is a sentimentally attached to the place! Here's a food that always brings back your deepest memories.
This is a bowl of noodles, which everyone likes to eat. This is not just a bowl of noodles, but also a traditional culture without any written instructions, carrying a strong Chinese flavor, an ancient technique in the intangible cultural heritage. Now, the whole Xichou has only in xizhen sanfeng li street this generation of special skills.
In the sunny season, the slender hand-made hanging surface shows the roof of the villagers' houses. Under the sunlight, it is like a waterfall, shining silver.
Under the dappled sunlight, listen to liu liangbing, a master of handcraft hanging noodles, explain the origin of the craft and trace back the history of handcraft hanging noodles in Xichou. This skill has been passed down from generation to generation. In the early period, due to the limited living conditions at that time, this kind of pasta was mainly used for festival sacrifice and Spring Festival ancestor worship. During this period, people are not allowed to eat, especially some children, want to taste first, but the adults have to refuse to eat with a variety of excuses, must be in the Spring Festival ancestor worship can be eaten. During the whole production process of autumn and winter, packing and storage were carried out for people to exchange for the Spring Festival. Hang noodles storage time is long, there are two years of maintenance period, very suitable for the rural production and life at that time. Nowadays, the production of hand-made noodles has become a major industry to increase the income of the people in this street.
Xichou county production of handmade noodles using traditional technology, choose high-quality flour as raw materials, with iodized salt, spring water, sesame oil and other auxiliary materials, after rubbing, wake up, drag, pull, hang, hang, cut, package, bake and other more than 20 processes, spent three days refined. Among them "roast" is a prop characteristic craft, all uses the place pure chestnut carbon micro fire to bake. Humidity and luminosity are the most basic requirements for the production of hanging noodles. Therefore, 70% of the hand-made hanging noodles in Xichou are made in the sunny season every year. During this period, every household hanging hanging noodle processing households, this slender swing in the breeze silver wire, such as the Milky Way pouring down, in the sun under the eaves, thousands of silk hanging, in every happy day, the joy of the craftsmen and outlet hanging on the face.
This product is handmade, delicate as silk, unique flavor, rich nutrition, sweet and white taste. Use the west domain soil eggs do bottom soup, sheng several continuously handmade hanging noodles, and then join the local homemade chili oil, put into the auxiliary scallion, monosodium glutamate, tender and delicious, fragrant floating everywhere, all ages are appropriate, is a representative food of Xichou characteristic food.
It is understood that the ancient Chinese traditional noodle craft can be called a unique world! Long history, began in the han and tang dynasties, so far more than two thousand years, refined powder, unique technology, strip luster, pliable and delicious. The production of xichou hand-made noodles is mainly based on the family handcraft workshop. It is produced and sold by itself, and it is one of the best food for visiting relatives and friends, presenting gifts to friends and relatives and traveling.