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broken noodle processing equipment

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In the production process of stick noodle production line equipment, it is inevitable that there will be broken head, the broken head amount of noodle accounts for about 10% to 15% of the feed amount, it is not to be ignored, these broken head need to be treated in time and then processed. And the quality of broken head processing, the economic benefits of noodle production is very important. There are three kinds of broken heads of dried noodles: wet broken head, semi-dry broken head, and dry broken head.The treatment method of wet broken head: in the cut, hanging rod, on the shelf and drying room at the entrance of the face drop is called wet broken head. The property of wet broken head is close to the dough, processing is also relatively simple, timely return and dough machine in full mixing, and then into the next process can be.The processing method of semi-dry noodles: in the drying room moisture perspiration to the high temperature area of the face is called semi-dry broken head. Semi-dry broken head can be dropped in different drying stage, the amount of dehydration is not the same, the moisture content is not the same, can not be directly returned and dough machine. Usually two treatment methods, one is to immerse the broken head for a period of time and then add in the dough mixer, the other is to push the broken head to the high temperature zone under the drying, into a dry broken head, and the rest of the dried noodles with the broken head processing.Dried noodles broken head processing method: usually in the drying room after the fall of the broken head, that is, in the cutting or packaging section of the face is called dry broken head. The water content of dried noodle is almost the same as that of finished noodle, but the nature is completely different from that of flour. Usually used wet treatment: the dry noodle after cleaning the head for soaking, so that the dry head fully absorb water after softening, and then mixed into a certain proportion of flour and flour mixing. The main reason is that the damage degree of gluten network is small, the effect on technology and product quality is small, and the cost of electricity is low.Our Dongfang Naomu Food Mechinery Co. , Ltd. is specialized in producing noodle machine and noodle production line for more than 40 years. We have sold the noodle equipment to our customers from the initial consultation to the design of the scheme and visited the site, then to the late site installation, personnel training, and so on, to establish a good service system, dedicated to new and old customers to provide a sound system services and professional technical support.