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Wonton molding machine equipment

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Wonton is a kind of common traditional flavor food in our country. It can be eaten dry, but most of it can be made into soup with different soup ingredients or instant noodles with staple food, or fried wonton or Frozen Wonton, is a fresh, time-saving, nutrition and health of the convenience food.

Our country territory is vast, the north and south tastes are different, launches the regionalization product is also a trend. "For example, Guangdong consumers and Sichuan consumers can each produce locally appropriate products that are closer to consumers and better meet their individual needs.

"We can choose different production methods according to different requirements of customers, and then choose different equipment. In recent years, the world's food processing machinery developed quickly, wonton production equipment from the original enema-type development into artificial inclusion, from the taste and quality are greatly improved.

1.The development of Wonton production line in China should meet the following requirements.1 development of the product to high starting point. That is, a high degree of automation, easy to operate, reliable performance.

2.The advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology should be used in the transmission device to improve the reliability of the transmission and save energy.

3.The appearance of the equipment should be beautiful, and the exposed sealing plate should be made of stainless steel to meet the requirements of the food safety.

4.to improve the operation of technical training and The Adjuster, so that users can rest assured that the use.

Our Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co. , Ltd. , have developed a complete wonton equipment production line to supply equipment to a number of large food enterprises, adhering to traditional culture as the source of innovation, to create a national diet habits, suitable for the national physique, meet the needs of the national spirit of good products and good equipment, "Fast" to meet the pace of the times, "Slow" stick to the ingenuity of manufacturing.