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Why is there no "egg" in the egg noodles?

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Why is there no "egg" in the egg noodles?
With the increasing awareness of rights protection, some marketing tactics that were once common are being taken seriously by more and more citizens. Yesterday, there are citizens on the supermarket sales of noodles to complain, but this is not because of quality but the name, because of the purchase of an egg noodles, ingredients and eggs did not have half a dime relationship.
For convenience, Ms. Wang often gives her family members to eat, so when buying noodles also try to choose more nutritional ingredients, like eggs hang noodles, the general home will often have a few packages. Yesterday morning, Ms. Wang's son on the interest class back clamoring to eat noodles, in the process of cooking noodles, Ms. Wang inadvertently read the ingredients list on the package. This can't see, Ms. Wang found that the ingredients of the noodles called egg noodles list, there is no egg ingredients. Because the egg noodles are more expensive than ordinary noodles, feel cheated Ms. Wang immediately to the supermarket to check the ingredients of other noodles.
The end result for Ms. Wang is not very understanding, noodle shop in the supermarket, like egg noodle, egg yolk, egg white surface of the surface, mushroom varieties of many, but if scan composition table, and the vast majority of ordinary noodle no difference, only in the mushroom surface indicate the added mushroom powder, oneself originally spend more money to buy a day of egg noodle and eggs has nothing to do. Self-conscious by shop publicizing misdirect Ms. Wang then to yuhuatai district market supervision administration to complain. The law enforcement personnel to the scene to check the situation found that the supermarket did call egg noodles varieties ingredients instructions do not contain egg ingredients, only a zhongyu brand egg noodles, marked the content of eggs ≥0.5%. All the other noodles written in the relationship with eggs are egg powder, yolk powder or white powder.
"There is no national standard for egg noodles, so the name can be called that, but it is up to the company to decide whether or not to contain eggs and how much. Since the manufacturer does not violate the rules, the management department can not intervene." It market supervision and administration of staff, told reporters that in fact is not only an egg noodles, fruit juice products on the market, some even special note is hundred fruit juice, but actually can add sugar and pure water, a litre of pure juice ten dollars, people just think about how much you need to buy the same weight of fresh fruit will know that is true.
At present, most egg noodles in the market, egg content is very low, if it is egg powder, after many processes, its original nutritional composition has changed. Therefore, the so-called egg noodles and ordinary noodles, the nutritional content does not increase much, the public boiled egg noodles, as they add fresh eggs.