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Why is instant noodles curved instead of straight?

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Why is instant noodles curved instead of straight?
The world's first packet of instant noodles was born in Japan, and the packaging shows that the shape of the instant noodles at that time was already curly, which felt a bit like the crisp noodles used to be eaten. Today, instant noodles still maintain the shape of curly, is it a kind of historical inheritance?
Of course not. Let's take a look at how instant noodles are made.
Making instant noodles is basically the same as making ramen, which is to use a machine to roll out the dough.
Then the dough again in the machine, will become a "big wave", in fact, this is to use the groove of the roller will first dough into noodles, re-use of the exit of the mold pressed so that the bread formed a wave shape!
The cut noodles are fed into a steamer for a minute or two, partially seasoned, and then dried in hot air or Fried in boiling oil.
And then we press it with a machine, so it becomes the kind of lumps or bowls that we see.
Why is instant noodles curved?
Instant noodles make it curved, actually have a lot of scientific evidence and benefit.
1. In order to save packaging space. Make it wavy to hold more noodles in smaller packets.
2. In order to make the noodles not stick to each other easily. Curly instant noodles between a lot of gaps, in the process of boiling the surface is not easy to stick together, also can let more water contact with the surface, uniform heating, easy to brew. The more water the bread absorbs, the better its taste and taste.
3. In order to make the bread more not fragile. Because most instant noodles will be Fried, and after frying will become very fragile everyone knows that the crumb is not delicious at all. The wavy surface is less fragile than the straight one, which is good for transportation and preservation.
4. Easier drying molding, better elasticity. Compared to straight lines, making the surface wavy helps air flow during processing and is easier to dry and shape. When the noodles are cooked, they are more elastic.


5. For convenience. Whether with a fork or chopsticks, the shape of the curl is easier for us to eat. Because if it's straight, trying to pick up the noodles with chopsticks will slip and even spill soup all over your face.