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Why cup noodle is more than 1 times more expensive than bag noodle?

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Why cup noodle is more than 1 times more expensive than bag noodle?
When it comes to instant noodles, it has been a controversial food, on the one hand it is junk food, on the other hand it can not help its temptation. Now life is all about rapid, efficient, for young people to work overtime and travel is the norm, hungry to bowl of instant noodles is the most convenient and save time, if you can add a sausage that is absolutely delicious!
Of instant noodles, the most striking feature is fast and convenient, so the emergence of the instant noodles is a good news for the lazy, is an office worker, a necessary, another characteristic is resistant to storage, so no matter what trouble catastrophe, it would appear, how many how many donations of instant noodles, and storage is how many boxes in the home, then it will become "help grain", during the period of the outbreak, many netizens in flaunt wealth, show their storage of instant noodles.
Now the instant noodles are a variety of flavors, the classic braised beef noodles, Lao tan pickled cabbage noodles, fresh shrimp and fish noodles, old hen soup noodles, signature pork bone soup noodles. I remember when I was a child to eat instant noodles are bag noodles, then feel this little thing is too magical, take a bowl, put the instant noodle, there is soup with material, taste; With the development of life, the progress of the times, gradually appeared the cup instant noodles, but also the size of the cup, appetite can buy small cup, how human design. Many people think buying instant noodles in packets is more affordable, while buying them in cups is expensive and not cost-effective. The same brand of instant noodles, a bag noodle is about two yuan, and the cup noodle is about five or six yuan, the same is instant noodles, why is the cup noodle than bag noodle expensive 1 times more?
One is the packaging cost:
Intuitively, cup of instant noodles than bag of instant noodles is more paper barrel and plastic fork, the price difference is often reflected in the rise in cost, paper cup and plastic fork not only increase in raw materials, artificial manufacturing and equipment costs will also increase, so cup than bag expensive 1 times more is also reasonable.
Second, transportation costs:
As a result of the design of cup packaging, the volume of instant noodles in barrel packaging has increased. The volume of one cup packaging is equivalent to the volume of three bags of instant noodles.
Third, practicality:
It's true that cost affects price, but the practicality of the product is more important. If it's not practical, if it has no purchasing power, everything is zero. The biggest characteristic of instant noodles is fast, convenient, a lot of people choose to eat instant noodles is also take a good look at this point, "cup noodle sold is convenient, bag noodle sold is noodles" this sentence out of which the truth. cup of instant noodles the biggest selling point is its cup and fork, can save a lot of trouble, whether at home and or outside, can save the trouble of washing dishes chopsticks, this kind of convenience is unmatched by the bag noodles, so when eat instant noodles, a lot of people choose cup noodles.